Proper training can lead to a more socialized, better-behaved, safer and happier dog. These same goals may be achieved by exercise too. In fact, lack of daily aerobic exercise could even be to blame for some of the problems that you hope to prevent with training, suggests Colleen Paige, author of The Good Behavior Book for Dogs: The Most Annoying Dog Behaviors … Solved! Digging, barking, and displaying aggressive and destructive behavior can all be energy outlets for antsy canines.

It’s therefore best that you exercise with your dog before training, to help work off some of that extra energy. Your dog shouldn’t be too tired, but it should release a bit of excess energy so that more attention can be paid to you. As Paige shares, the most important aspect of obedience training is to get your dog to take notice of you. The second most important part is to then have your dog maintain the focus on you. Exercising with your dog, such as going on a walk or enjoying a backyard Frisbee throw, will help to establish that positive connection between you and your pet.

While training is serious work, consider thinking of it as a game, or at least to encourage your dog to do so. Let’s face it. No one, including your dog, wants to engage in boring drudgery. If you remain attentive and reward good behavior with treats, toys or your praise, your dog will do better during the training session and look forward to the next one.

Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

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