Playgroup sessions provide a fantastic exercise outlet for dogs and improve their social skills. Owners usually enjoy them too, as the shared interest in dogs provides a wonderful conversation icebreaker. I’ve received some great tips while chatting with other pet owners.

The Animal Humane Society in Minnesota is one of many different places that organize such playgroups. This particular organization offers playgroups for small dogs, puppies, featherweights, micro dogs (canines under 7 pounds), teen puppies and — my favorite — the “yappy hour,” which is a mixed-age, all-size group. Make sure you bring your dog to the appropriate group; if your pet is small and skittish, larger dogs might intimidate it.

The society advises that your dog goes to the bathroom before attending these or other playgroups. They recommend toileting your dog before you get in the car and also after you arrive. If your dog marks, it must wear a belly band or sani-panties.

Arrive early to ensure your dog’s placement in the group. If it’s your first time, most organizers require that you fill out some paperwork and provide proof that your dog is up-to-date with vaccinations. Rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella are the usual basics.

All such preparations help to make the experience a safe and enjoyable one for you and your dog.

Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

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