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Hydrotherapy Helps Dogs Get in Shape for Adoption

Emma, a golden retriever, clearly loves her hydrotherapy sessions at Doggie Paddle in Portland, Oregon. The two and a half-year-old swims for 45 minutes with the water jets blasted on high. And then there’s two-year-old Labrador retriever Seamus. “He won’t get out of the pool unless he’s retrieved four rubber chickens. Not two or three, […]

How to best bond with your new dog

It’s an exciting day when you bring your new dog home, but it can also be a challenge. Getting your new pet comfortable with her surroundings can be tough, but with a little work you’ll be best friends in no time. Start by Puppy Proofing When you first introduce your puppy or dog into your […]

Winter Abode Check for Dogs

Everyone’s heard of spring cleaning, changing the fire alarm batteries and getting ready for a new season. However, the winter months pose special indoor dangers for dogs too. For example, did you know fleas can live indoors all winter long? Here are a few things all dog parents should do to keep their canines safe […]

How to tell if your dog is healthy

Since your dog hasn’t mastered speaking in words yet, you may wonder how you can tell if your dog is feeling okay. It turns out, many of the clues can come from just looking at your dog and reading his body language. Dog Health Checklist Dr. Louise Murray, vice president of the ASPCA’s Bergh Memorial […]