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Support Your Puppy’s Growth With Proper Nutrition

When Daisy Lehman of Cleveland brought home her pug puppy last summer, it was with explicit feeding instructions from the breeder. “He told me to transition slowly from the food he’d been giving her to the puppy formula I was planning to give her,” says Lehman. The advice was sound, but Lehman was still not […]

Your Puppy’s Firsts

Adopting a puppy often fills us with such tremendous hope and joy that we want to immediately introduce the new pet to everything and everyone, including friends, the dog park and even the family car. But not so fast! “All of these things are stimulating to puppies and can overwhelm them,” says Sarah Wilson, leading […]

How to best bond with your new dog

It’s an exciting day when you bring your new dog home, but it can also be a challenge. Getting your new pet comfortable with her surroundings can be tough, but with a little work you’ll be best friends in no time. Start by Puppy Proofing When you first introduce your puppy or dog into your […]