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Do French Dogs Get Fat?

In the best-selling book <em>French Women Don’t Get Fat </em>(Vintage), writer Mireille Guiliano explains how les femmes françaises indulge in baguettes, champagne and chocolate without sacrificing their ability to slip into their curve-hugging sweaters. The question now is: Does the seemingly miraculous European food effect carry over to continental canines? In America, the issue of […]

Our Top Tips For Feeding Your Dog

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Mealtime comes soon after Shah’s alarm rings in the morning. “Anyone who knows Labs knows they love to eat,” says Shah. “They get fed in a specific order, and they wait until their food is poured. It’s very routine.” Be Patient and Predictable When Feeding Dogs With seven large dogs, Paul Caster’s feeding times can […]

Pop Quiz: Is Your Dog Eating Properly?

A fast-growing, toy-chasing puppy has different nutritional needs than a slumber-loving, slow-trotting older dog. Feeding your three-month-old meals meant for its elders could mean puppy’s not getting the right amount of calories or nutrition. When the problem is reversed, older dogs could consume too many calories, leading to paunchy pooches. According to the National Academies’ […]

Sauce up Your Dog’s Food and Life

When the kidneys of Laura Alderman’s elderly dog began to fail, a veterinarian advised the San Antonio resident to encourage her pet to drink as much water as possible. This was no easy task until Alderman had a lightbulb moment: Her dog loved gravy. She watered down some commercial dog sauce, offered it to her […]

Seven Indicators of Dog Food Quality

The best evidence that you’ve chosen the right dog food is your dog itself. Your furry pal’s inward and outward appearance is tangible, visible proof that you’re dishing up a food that meets its nutritional needs. While other factors can also affect your pup’s health and behavior, making sure your dog eats properly is fundamental […]

“Natural” Dog Food Explained

Vegan Amy Rader knows her dog, Henry, needs meat protein, but she hates the possibility that chemically processed additives are going into her 5-year-old beagle’s food. The new “natural” label on pet foods — and what that precisely means — has also puzzled the Seattle-based social worker. “It’s similar to buying organic for myself,” explains […]

Support Your Puppy’s Growth With Proper Nutrition

When Daisy Lehman of Cleveland brought home her pug puppy last summer, it was with explicit feeding instructions from the breeder. “He told me to transition slowly from the food he’d been giving her to the puppy formula I was planning to give her,” says Lehman. The advice was sound, but Lehman was still not […]

Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

According to the National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study conducted by 95 veterinary clinics nationwide, more than 44 percent of all dogs are overweight or downright obese. The fat stats for people in America are even higher, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that around 67 percent of adults are heavier than […]