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Our Top Tips For Feeding Your Dog

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Mealtime comes soon after Shah’s alarm rings in the morning. “Anyone who knows Labs knows they love to eat,” says Shah. “They get fed in a specific order, and they wait until their food is poured. It’s very routine.” Be Patient and Predictable When Feeding Dogs With seven large dogs, Paul Caster’s feeding times can get a bit […]

Pop Quiz: Is Your Dog Eating Properly?

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Given these fluctuating requirements, how can you best meet your best canine friend’s breed- and stage-specific nutritional needs? Here, The Dog Daily asks veterinarian Trisha Joyce, DVM, of New York City Veterinary Specialists to answer the most crucial food-related doggie dilemmas. Puppies need more calories than adult dogs TRUE Puppies grow rapidly, especially in the […]

Dog Gravy To Sauce Up Your Dog’s Food

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Here Are Five Other Ways You Can Incorporate These Savory and Nutritious Gravies Into Your Dog’s Life and Diet. Enhance Meals With Dog Gravy  Lisa Peterson, a well-known dog breeder and spokesperson for the American Kennel Club, says for some dogs, “Eating cold food out of a can is comparable to eating cold canned tuna […]

Signs Your Dog Is Thriving On Well-Balanced, Nutritious Dog Food

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If your dog has a dull, dry, and brittle coat with flaking skin, diet could be to blame, says Dr. Bart Iaia, DVM, who practices in Renton, Wash. Look for omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in dog food, says Dr. Iaia. Your pet needs these essential fats. Flaky skin could be a sign of a […]

“Natural” Dog Food Explained

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“I feel like if she eats healthy now, she’ll stay healthier, and we’ll have fewer vet bills later.” Like Davis, you are probably more concerned about putting “natural,” or minimally processed, foods on your dinner table, and that standard now extends to what’s in Fido’s bowl. Davis says she looks for recognizable ingredients, such as […]

Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

According to the National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study conducted by 95 veterinary clinics nationwide, more than 44 percent of all dogs are overweight or downright obese. The fat stats for people in America are even higher, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that around 67 percent of adults are heavier than […]

Is Wet Dog Food Right For Your Dog?

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Prebiotics, New Ingredients, and Recipes This year, expect to see flavor combinations and ingredients usually associated with your foods — such as simmered beef, marinated chicken, garden vegetables, and juicy turkey. Just remember that these foods are specially formulated to meet your dog’s nutritional needs, which are different from human requirements. Look for prebiotics, a […]

Vitamins For Dogs

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Essential Vitamins for Dogs Vitamins A and E  Vitamin A can play a role in weight loss, helping your dog burn fat more efficiently, says Nelson. Vitamins A and E serve as essential antioxidants, staving off the aging process, and fighting disease. These vitamins also contribute to your dog’s eye and skin health. Liver is […]

The Best Way To Feed Your Dog

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and specialized nutrients,” says Dr. Amy Dicke, a veterinarian who also consults on the nutritional aspects of pet food.  As a general rule, it’s wise to feed your pet the best food you can afford. “From foods which use human-quality sources, to foods which use the scraps off of the slaughterhouse floor, you truly do […]

Seven Dog Food Ingredients For Good Health

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Look for beet pulp and fructooligosaccharides (FOS) on the ingredients list of dog foods. “Beet pulp, a moderately fermentable fiber, releases short-chain fatty acids, which are used as energy by the intestinal cells, thereby boosting their capability to absorb nutrients,” says Dicke. FOS, on the other hand, “selectively feeds the beneficial bacteria and promotes balance […]