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Eyes, Ears and Nose – How Do Dogs Sense the World?

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As well as being able to hear high pitched sounds, a dog’s ears can pick up sounds from far away. Dogs can move each ear independently to enable them to locate which direction sounds are coming from. They can do this because they have around 18 muscles in each ear! Some dog breeds are considered […]

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers and What Are They Used For?

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What Are Dog Whiskers? Whiskers Under the Chin Dogs are so furry that even the most observant of owners can miss details about their appearance. Take dog whiskers, for example. They’re usually visible above the eyes and on the muzzle, but did you know that your dog likely has a tiny beard of whiskers below […]

Dog Friendships that Defy Nature

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But they were eventually reunited when the shelter found a family willing to adopt a pair of pet friends that defies nature. Do Dogs Like Cats?   Friendships between dogs and cats — and sometimes between dogs and other animals, such as ducks and birds and bunnies — are seemingly unnatural. Let loose on a playground; […]

The Most Common Diseases that Can Affect Your Dog During Summer

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A year ago, the affected dog’s owner had decided preventive medicine wasn’t necessary for a city pooch, but he learned the hard way that dogs are at risk no matter where they live. In this case, heartworm is just one dog disease that is spread by vectors like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Vectors spread parasites […]

Why is My Dog Aggressive and Can You Train Aggression Out of a Dog?

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There Are Some Common Types of Aggression Shown by Dogs Such As: Territorial  A dog protects its territory or home from threats such as intruders. To an aggressive territorial dog, an intruder doesn’t necessarily have to be a stranger; it can be a human or another dog they know. Protective When a dog protects fellow […]

A Tale of Two Species: How Do I Communicate With My Dog?

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Understand Your Common Experience With Your Dog Dogs, humans, and all mammals appear to share many underlying feelings. “We share primal emotions, like fear, anger, and happiness, with dogs,” says Dr. McConnell. It’s essential to make an emotional connection. For example, when your dog rushes to greet you on your return from the outside world, […]

Teens Teach Kids About Dog Training

When friends and neighbors Evelyn Pang and Hilary Louie of San Francisco were 9, a dog training class was offered in their apartment building. Though neither girl had a pup of her own, both loved dogs, so they signed up for the class. Five years and many classes later, the two high school sophomores co-authored […]

A Dog-centric Look Back at 2008

When the weather turned frosty this November, Jeanette Bond of New York City went straight to the Web to find a camouflage puffer jacket with a fake fur-trimmed hood for her King Charles spaniel. “It’s really cute and totally stylish,” said the 31-year-old Bond. “If it fit me, I’d borrow it.” Patterned puffer jackets were […]