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Doggy Dinners Deconstructed

As you watch your pooch gulp down its dinner, consider the expression “wolfs down its food.” Your dog, its relatives and all of its distant wolf ancestors have at least one thing in common: They love to eat. At mealtime, you are your pet’s waiter, busboy, chef and cleanup crew all rolled into one. Unlike […]

What Should I Look For When Adopting a Dog?

What Should I Look For When Adopting a Dog Banner thedogdaily

Looking online can be a place to start.  There are several dog adoption websites that you can search when looking for a potential new pet for your home.   Better still, if your local shelter has hours where you can go in to visit and adopt a pet, this would allow you the opportunity to find […]

Software Matches Dogs With Humans

Lewis stares at the camera with soulful eyes sure to melt hearts. Finding an online match shouldn’t be that difficult for such a catch. But in this case, the heartthrob is a 28-pound, 5-month-old Australian shepherd mix. The Oregon Humane Society (OHS), which developed an innovative online matching service, will make sure Lewis finds a […]

Adopt Your Perfect Dog This Holiday Season

If you’re considering adopting a dog this holiday season — or any time of year — there are now several programs that can help you find your perfect pet. Meet Your Match The ASPCA’s Meet Your Match program evaluates animals in order to help owners bring home their ideal companion. “Meet Your Match isn’t just […]

Social Media Boosts Dog Adoption Efforts

Scrolling down the Facebook wall of Let’s Adopt! (USA) is a virtual stroll down doggie death row. The posts are a last-ditch effort to save shelter dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized. But they’re also a prime example of how social media is transforming the process of rescuing and adopting animals. “We started as […]

Preparing for a New Puppy

There’s no question that puppies are cute, but all that awesomeness can distract from the fact that getting a puppy is also a serious matter. Among the precautions and preparations to consider are vaccinations, a leash and a constantly filled water bowl. With the help of Dr. Katy J. Nelson, a Virginia-based veterinarian and member […]

Coping With the Loss of a Dog

Dealing with the death of a dog is difficult for any owner — no matter the age of your pet. Dr. Trisha Joyce of New York City Veterinary Specialists, and Dr. Wallace Sife, clinical psychologist and founder of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB), offer advice on managing the end, grieving and moving […]

Volunteers Who Make a Difference for Dogs

Across the country, volunteers work to improve the lives of dogs in need. No job is too big or too small. Dog lovers staff adoption fairs, nurture dogs in their homes and scoop poop at animal shelter kennels. They do it for love rather than recognition, and they make a difference, one four-legged friend at […]