For dog
lovers, the most lasting image from erstwhile MTV reality series
“Newlyweds” may be Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo, Daisy, in a
Louis Vuitton monogram canvas dog carrier. In the years since, the
dog-watching public has become used to seeing celebrities turn their
pups into style mavens. But it isn’t only the Tori Spellings of the
world who are dressing and accessorizing their pups in brand names
traditionally associated with the catwalk rather than the dog run.

popularized clothing and bling for dogs, and mainstream designers
began launching new canine lines to satisfy what they saw as a
potential growth market,” says Tierra Bonaldi, spokesperson for the
American Pet Products Association. “And it did grow, though it was
stronger before the recession hit.” Still, people love treating
their pets like family members, and this is just one more way to do
that. Bonaldi fills us in on the hottest dog looks on the market.


Tired of
your dog’s nylon collar? Perhaps one encrusted with Swarovski
crystals will add new pep to your pup’s step. If you like Swarovski
but want something more practical, try a retractable leash with a
lead covered in the jewels, which come in a variety of colors.

jewelry is also on the menu this year. Wal-Mart’s Fancy Rhinestone
Collar, which looks almost like the real thing, makes chic


pooch’s collar need not glimmer in the sun to impress. Burberry,
Coach and Tiffany & Co. are vying to wrap themselves around your
furry friend’s neck. Burberry offers both collar and leash, as does
Coach. Tiffany will ensure that if your dog gets lost, it will do so
in style with its sterling silver dog bone tag charm.

pre-recession, big box stores like Old Navy and Target were already
in the collar and leash market. Their stylish accessories have become
even more appealing as the stock market continues its descent.


For your
dog’s next stroll down the red carpet, exclusive just-for-dogs
brand Little Lily has taken last year’s hottest Oscar looks and
translated them into dog size. Now Fido can wear George Clooney’s
tux, while Fifi can don Anne Hathaway’s gown.


a dog to wear when lying around the house or taking a simple stroll
around the block? Just as Juicy Couture met the velour pantsuit needs
of hundreds of thousands of American women, the brand is coming to
doggies’ loungewear rescue with T-shirts, hoodies and parkas. If
your pooch longs for more highbrow house wear, Ralph Lauren’s
cashmere ruffle sweater may make your pet bark for joy. For more
reasonably priced leisure wear, your pet can’t go wrong at Old
Navy, Target or Wal-Mart.


to Bonaldi, a new company called Celebrity Pet will soon be launching
a series of canine couture lines designed by celebrities. Former
Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith will be the brand’s first celeb
designer. “Fashion is a lucrative part of the pet industry,”
Bonaldi explains.

Dressing Rules

  • Know
    your dog’s measurements before you buy. Dog clothing does not come
    in standard sizes, but if you know your pet’s weight, neck
    circumference and body length, you’ll be able to determine the
    right size, no matter the brand.

  • Be
    aware of your dog’s comfort zone. Not all dogs like wearing all
    fabrics. Try inexpensive cottons and knits to test your furry
    friend’s tolerance before you go all out on a designer wardrobe
    that might never see the sidewalk.

  • Wash
    your dog’s wardrobe by hand to ensure longevity. Dry it on a
    drying rack to avoid shrinking.

don’t have the capacity to feel silly in clothes, and they tend to
get a lot of attention when wearing them, so being dressed may be an
enjoyable experience for them,” says Bonaldi. “For many owners,
it’s a fun extension of what they enjoy in fashion for themselves.
Plus it makes them feel good to pamper their pets.” Bonaldi’s own
dog and cat, Dolce and Gabbana, are still waiting for their namesakes
to enter the animal fashion market.

Article written by Author: Darcy Lockman

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