Summer Activities for Dogs

Fun in the sun has never been better for dogs thanks to the warmer weather and special gear designed just for dogs. Both you and your canine Olympian may have many different options. Here are some popular Summer Olympics events, along with a few of my favorite dog products to make related activities possible:

If your dog likes to swim, consider getting it a special dog lifejacket, which most large pet stores now carry. Made for dog flotation, these jackets can improve your pet’s safety during boating trips, water sports adventures and other outdoor activities. They also now come in bright colors for improved visibility and added fashion coolness.

Beach Volleyball
Dogs may not be able to serve or do other moves associated with the human version of beach volleyball, but ball and Frisbee games on the beach with your pet can be a blast. Look for the balls that come with a plastic arm-holder, which allows you to throw the balls farther and to pick them up easily out of sand and water.

Water Polo
A plain beach ball can get a swim-happy dog going, but I also like the new amphibious pet toys. They come in fun shapes, like a boomerang, which aid mouth catches. These toys both float and sail through the air with ease, and they’re also easy on your dog’s mouth.

Dog agility puts dogs through an obstacle course in which they must jump and show off their balance skills and other talents demonstrated by Olympic gymnasts. Check out a local dog agility club or buy a set to turn your own backyard into an agility course.

Post-Olympics Viewing
If you and your dog decide to watch the Olympics and would rather go out at night, try a game of fetch using a glow-in-the-dark tennis ball or Frisbee. For an added challenge, include one of the new whistling tennis balls for dogs. In the dark, only the whistle will inform you and your pet where to find it.

The dog version of the Olympics might also be within reach. This October, the CSJ CanineMax Dog Games, held in Gloucestershire, England, will include dogs and their owners from around the world. Maybe you and your pet could represent the USA?

by The Dog Daily Expert