Our pets are often interested in what grabs our attention, so it’s no surprise that dogs and cats show interest in tablet devices like the iPad. Perhaps the size of these high-tech gadgets has app creators targeting cats more often than dogs. Dogs, however, are clever enough to find their own fun — even if the game was originally meant for another species.

Case in point: The dog that loves to play air hockey on its owner’s iPad. A video showing this clever canine went viral a few years ago. In the video, you can see how the dog keenly watches the puck movements, controlling each shot with incredible precision. Many dogs — depending on the breed and individual — are good at tracking, so it makes sense that a game such as this would work for certain dogs.

In addition to dogs playing human games and even games meant for cats, there are indeed interactive apps for dogs. Here are just a few:

As the name suggests, this app turns your phone or electronic device into a squeaky toy. Different types of balls and other toys appear on the screen. You just press down on the picture of the object and, like a real toy, it squeaks and reacts to your push. Your dog might be compelled to push down with its paw too.
Cost: $1.99

Pet Acoustics
You may spend time grooving to music stored on your electronic device, but what about your dog? That’s where Pet Acoustics comes in. This app offers music that has been specifically designed for the hearing sensitivities of your pet, both in frequency, volume and rhythm. The manufacturers claim it will “calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.”
Cost: $1.99

Dogs and cats may have found the real value of electronic devices, however. During tests of these apps and more, pets often discover that the gadgets get warm over time, prompting some cats and dogs to lie on top of the tablets and take a nice nap.

Article written by Author: The Dog Daily Expert

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