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Weight Management Guidelines For Overweight Dogs

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It is caused when caloric intake exceeds caloric expenditure; in other words, your dog eats more energy (calories) than it uses and stores the excess energy, most likely as fat. There are a few common factors that contribute to obesity in dogs. Among them are: Overfeeding  Inactivity  Breed  Age and gender  Spay/neuter status  Diabetes mellitus […]

Weight Management Dog Food

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She has routinely advised pet owners about weight issues over her 23-year career. “If ribs can be seen, your dog is too thin,” she says.   “If the ribs can be felt, that is optimum. If the ribs are not felt, then your dog is overweight.” What Happens If a Dog Is Overweight? Overweight dogs live […]

Five Things About Feeding Your Dog

Do you have a pudgy puppy? Many dogs, like their owners, could stand to shed a few pounds. That extra weight isn’t healthy and can lead to serious health problems. And some canines are simply couch potatoes — which is never what nature intended for our dogs. But how do you trim down and fire […]