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Q&A With Working Dog Handler Mike Stone

Mike Stone owns Absolute K-9 Training in Escondido, California, where, with his wife, Toni, they train, show, and work dogs for private dog owners, companies that need trained working dogs, and law enforcement agencies. Mike opened Absolute K-9 Trainingin 1994. He is a certified trainer for obedience, protection, and police dogs. Mike is also a […]

Teens Teach Kids About Dog Training

When friends and neighbors Evelyn Pang and Hilary Louie of San Francisco were 9, a dog training class was offered in their apartment building. Though neither girl had a pup of her own, both loved dogs, so they signed up for the class. Five years and many classes later, the two high school sophomores co-authored […]

Dog Training Can Be Fun and Games

In 1973, Kay Laurence got her first dog, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, and a life-changing piece of advice from her father. “You’d better take a training class,” he said. Thirty-five years later, Laurence is the head of the class. Based in the UK, she runs Learning About Dogs, a business that organizes conferences and […]