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Lassie Come Home with High Tech?

Every day, David Moore takes his two Norwegian Elkhounds, Victoria and Liza, for a lakeside walk in a wooded area near his home in Vancouver, British Columbia. The two rambunctious dogs often run off by themselves to sniff everything in sight, but they always return back to the house safe and sound. Always, that is, […]

How to Adopt a Dog Online

How Can I Find a Dog Online Banner

“It’s a pretty unique feature,” says David Lytle, the OHS’s public affairs manager. “We are the only Humane Society I know of that has this find-a-match feature implemented so extensively.” How Dog Matching Works at Oregon Humane Society When a dog arrives at the OHS, a staff member photographs and weighs the pup and enters […]

Love Dogs? Consider Becoming a Veterinary Technician

Most people take a long time to choose their career path. Rebecca Rose, author of Career Choices for Veterinary Technicians: Opportunities for Animal Lovers (AAHA Press 2009), on the other hand, hit the ground running after she left school. “My mother worked for a veterinarian in the early 1970s,” says Rose. “I can remember helping […]

Dating Services for Dogs and Their Owners

Arlene and Frank met in 2007 through the online dating service They not only fell in love with each other, but they also fell for each other's dogs. "He met my little dog, Batman (who HATES everyone new) … and Batman instantly sat on his lap and gave him kisses," wrote Arlene, who didn't […]

Is Virtual Fun in Your Dog’s Future?

Browse the aisles of your local pet store these days, and you’ll see the evolution of the dog toy, from synthetic bones constructed of new-age materials to flying discs that dispense treats. What you won’t find — just yet — are computer games for your pooch. But could you one day have to not only […]