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Dog Friendships that Defy Nature

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But they were eventually reunited when the shelter found a family willing to adopt a pair of pet friends that defies nature. Do Dogs Like Cats?   Friendships between dogs and cats — and sometimes between dogs and other animals, such as ducks and birds and bunnies — are seemingly unnatural. Let loose on a playground; […]

How Do You Plan and Throw a Party For Your Dog?

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As one of the world’s leading party organizers for dogs, however, she frequently leaves her restaurant to orchestrate perfect pooch parties. Working with such an expert means the doggie sky, and perhaps your budget, are the only limitations. From Weddings to Fashion Shows For Your Dog Moore baked wedding cakes for human couples in the […]

Why Do Dogs Love Off Leash Play and Dog Parks?

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which could result from boredom or lack of exercise. Hendrickson is also the health and safety expert of Dog Grounds, a non-profit in Minneapolis that fights for more public land for off-leash play. She’s part of an urban movement that has caught on from New York City to Seattle, in which dog owners have answered […]

What Are the Benefits of Dog Playgroup, and How Do You Prepare Your Dog?

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The society advises that your dog goes to the bathroom before attending these or other playgroups. They recommend toileting your dog before you get in the car and also after you arrive. If your dog marks, it must wear a belly band or sani-panties. Arrive early to ensure your dog’s placement in the group. If […]

Dog Daycare: Big Benefits For Small Dogs

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Lori Davis of Tiny Dog Boarding in New York City started her business several years ago after a similar problem. “I called a commercial boarding place in the city that supposedly has luxury suites for dogs and asked them if they could provide appropriate care for my three dogs: Taylee, Teangee, and Teaka,” says Davis. […]

Dog Scouts of America Rewards Canines

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Don’t think it’s all just for show; the certification and badge testing is serious and demanding. “The badges are not easy, and they aren’t supposed to be,” says Puls. “Yes, it does take some time to get to that level, but when considered throughout the dog’s life, it’s a short amount of time to get […]

Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

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They could even snarl, growl, or bite because they feel threatened and become defensive. It’s especially important to address such issues in breeds with a history of being aggressive since shyness; a defensive reaction could prove to be a deadly combination for both the dog and others. Jennifer Bridwell, author of the book The Everything Dog Obedience Book: […]