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Why is My Dog Licking Constantly and How Can I Stop It?

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Dog owners have a tendency to spend a great deal of time looking for the ideal food, buying toys, and even clothingfor their best friends, searching for ways to train them, to adjust the houses, to make their dogs’ life extra comfortable and more secure. It’s no surprise they observe their dog and wait for […]

A Tale of Two Species: How Do I Communicate With My Dog?

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Understand Your Common Experience With Your Dog Dogs, humans, and all mammals appear to share many underlying feelings. “We share primal emotions, like fear, anger, and happiness, with dogs,” says Dr. McConnell. It’s essential to make an emotional connection. For example, when your dog rushes to greet you on your return from the outside world, […]

Guilt and Your Dog – Are Dogs Capable of Feeling Guilty?

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Maybe he’s moving slowly away from you with a fearful look. Do Dogs Feel Guilt? He’s not feeling guilty, and he’s not acting guilty either; he is acting submissive because you’re angry. As you know, dogs are descendants of wolves. When the lead wolf in a pack (called the alpha) gets mad at another wolf, […]

Wild Justice: The Moral Life of Dogs

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comes from detailed studies on social play behavior, according to Beckoff, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and Pierce, a bioethicist at the same university. “Although play is fun, it’s also serious business,” they point out, adding that the four fundamental aspects of fair play in animals are: Ask […]

Your Guide on How To Read a Dog’s Body Language

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 “Body signals give dogs a much more elaborate language than vocalizations could.” Focusing on just a handful of body parts will give you a sense of the basics. What Do a Dog’s Eyes Tell You? All mammals communicate information with their eyes. In any given moment, we humans are not that consciously aware of it, […]

Why Is My Dog Barking and How Do I Stop It?

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The United States Postal Service reports that thousands of urban and rural mail carriers are bitten each year by dogs. It’s such a severe problem that the U.S. Postal Service helps spread the word about National Dog Bite Prevention week every May. Certain territorial dogs are very disturbed by mail carriers. Think about it from your dog’s […]

Revenge and Jealousy in Dogs

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However, this is not the case. Although dogs have good memories, they live more in the moment. When you come home and find the mess, your body language before you even say something to your dog may reveal your anger and cause your dog to react. Your dog, however, is not necessarily waiting for some […]

Dogs and Loneliness – Does Your Dog Get Lonely?

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So Taylor consulted her veterinarian, who recommended as much exercise as she and her pooch could fit in. “I started getting up an hour earlier each day, and walking fast around the park with Oliver for that entire hour to wear him out. It was either try that or move. Luckily it worked.” Dr. Trisha […]