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A Dog-centric Look Back at 2008

When the weather turned frosty this November, Jeanette Bond of New York City went straight to the Web to find a camouflage puffer jacket with a fake fur-trimmed hood for her King Charles spaniel. “It’s really cute and totally stylish,” said the 31-year-old Bond. “If it fit me, I’d borrow it.” Patterned puffer jackets were […]

Twelve Days of Dog Holiday Gifting

Santa Paws is making his list. All dogs — naughty and nice — are on it, so it’s time to consider what gifts might be best for both your budget and your furry pal this holiday season. You won’t find lords-a-leaping or maids-a-milking here. Instead, with assistance from dog trainers and an online doggie boutique […]

Why You Should Recycle Your Dog’s Waste

Is Dog Poop Good For Compost Banner

Is Dog Poop Good For Compost? With care and effort, you can dispose of your dog’s waste in an environmentally safe way. Since dog poop can contain such bacteria as E. coli and salmonella, it’s important to handle it safely. You don’t want it contaminating groundwater tables, for instance, and it wouldn’t make appropriate compost […]

What Is National Dog Day and Why Do We Celebrate It?

What Do You Do On National Dog Day Banner

What Do You Do On National Dog Day? Paige and other experts offer these suggestions:  Plan an Outing –  Host a Barbecue or Picnic that includes other “dog friends.” Your dog will enjoy your undivided attention. Feeling ambitious? Try a getaway to a dog-friendly hotel or resort. Shop For Toys – Dogs can be rough […]

Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

While dogs aren’t capable of resolving anything, December 31 is a good time to take stock of ways to help your dog become healthier and happier. Below, Dr. Trisha Joyce of New York City Veterinary Specialists offers suggestions for pet-centric resolutions. Resolution No. 1: I will take my dog on regular walks.“It’s a well-being issue […]

National Dog Week Celebrations

Held the last week of September, National Dog Week dates back to the late 1920s or early 1930s, although it is unclear exactly when and where it began. One account attributes National Dog Week to a group of dog fanciers who wanted to promote better care of the animals. The focus this year is on […]