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Treat Training in Seven Steps

At a recent dog training class in Northern California, the canine excitement was hard to contain. Tails wagged while eager barks filled the air. All dog eyes were directed toward the friendly trainers. Specifically, the dogs’ attention was riveted to what was on the waist of each trainer: a belt holding a pouch full of […]

Go Green for Your Dog’s Health

They’ll go for a walk. They’ll go fetch. They’ll go down and roll over. But how do you get your dog to go green? Millions of people are realizing that it’s better for our health to drink filtered water, recycle, and stay away from chemicals and plastics. They’re also starting to realize that a green […]

Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

According to the National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Study conducted by 95 veterinary clinics nationwide, more than 44 percent of all dogs are overweight or downright obese. The fat stats for people in America are even higher, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that around 67 percent of adults are heavier than […]

Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Boarding

When Lisa Cook, a lecturer at the University of Central Florida, heads home to New Jersey for the holidays, she leaves behind a beloved family member: Stella, Cook’s Australian cattle dog, boards at an Orlando veterinary hospital. “They insist that Stella be vaccinated for bordatella [an infectious bacterial illness] and rabies,” says Cook. “I also […]

Stretching Techniques for Dogs

Like us, dogs benefit from stretching: Our muscle cells work the same. This fact inspired the Foster sisters — Sasha, a certified canine rehabilitation therapist, and Ashley, a certified pet dog trainer — to apply 20 years of research on human stretching to the canine world. The result is their book, The Healthy Way to […]