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Puppy Adoption – What Do I Need To Know?

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considering and make sure it’s a good match for your lifestyle. “Many people do not carefully consider what breed they are getting; they just see a dog they think is cute and get it without a thought as to whether their personality and lifestyle are appropriate for this type of dog,” says Nelson. Recommended products […]

A Puppy Health Primer

How Do I Give My Puppy a Pill

Be sure to consider the location of the clinic. A drive across town during a medical emergency could delay urgently needed treatment. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, take time to visit the veterinarian’s office, inquire about services offered, and talk to the doctor and staff about your new puppy. If you like what you see […]

How To Introduce New Experiences To Your Puppy

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How Should I Transport My Puppy In the Car? Not every dog loves car rides, which is why slowly introducing them to automobiles makes sense. Take only short trips at first, picking fun destinations, Wilson says. Over time, you can lengthen the trips. If your puppy shows fear, take smaller steps to start. First, sit […]