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Dog Depression: Causes and Cures

George and Fritz — two canine littermates — spent their entire lives together. In the mornings they squabbled over the tastiest bowl bites. Sufficiently fueled, they then seemed to collaborate on clever schemes, like stealing tennis shoe laces or sneaking into forbidden places. They went on walks together, played and napped side by side. This […]

Bloat: Serious Abdominal Condition for Dogs

Bloat is a life-threatening condition that acts rapidly and can lead to the death of your dog within hours if the condition is not recognized and treated immediately. Unfortunately, the cause of bloat remains unknown at this time, but you can learn to identify its symptoms before it may follow its deadly course. What is […]

Heart Disease in Dogs: A Silent Killer

On a percentage basis, more dogs than people suffer from heart disease. According to Novartis Animal Health, a Switzerland-based healthcare company, 25 percent of dogs over the age of seven have the most extreme form of heart disease — heart failure. By contrast, the National Institutes of Health estimates that only 6.4 percent of men […]

Internal Parasites in Dogs: An Unwanted Guest

A few years ago, the Millbrook Hunt Club in upstate New York realized that many of its foxhounds were becoming seriously ill. The dogs, known for their athletic prowess and seemingly limitless energy, appeared to be wasting away. Extensive testing revealed that a rare parasite, leishmaniasis, was to blame.  Public health officials now believe this […]

Dog Cancer Survivors

In the three years that Allie’s been working at Bryan Middle School in Bryan, Ohio, she’s been diagnosed with cancer four times. But hearing the “C” word doesn’t get her down. In fact, each time she’s diagnosed, she takes only a few days off for treatment.   Dogs Living with Cancer What’s Allie’s secret to cancer […]

New Hope for Cancer in Dogs

Two years ago, Buddy the golden retriever hobbled into his veterinarian’s office, barely able to walk. Tests revealed a tumor on the 8-year-old dog’s spine. Buddy’s doctors gave him little hope. Yet when the plucky dog’s owner, Marti Johnson of Akron, Ohio, learned about an experimental new drug treatment for dogs with cancer, she signed […]

Treatment and Prevention of Kennel Cough in your Dog

As the owner of both a dog day care facility and a boarding kennel in Virginia, Laura Sharkey works hard to keep the dogs in her care free of injury and disease. One disease she doesn’t really worry about? A condition called kennel cough. In fact, she doesn’t even require the dogs she cares for […]

Dog Arthritis Cure on the Horizon

As a senior emergency clinician at New York City Veterinary Specialists, Trisha Joyce, DVM, has seen her share of doggie trauma. But she says some of the saddest cases are the least dramatic: dogs suffering from severe arthritis. “One family brought in their Labrador that was so arthritic he couldn’t even get up to go […]