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Benefits of a Dog DNA Test

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The DNA tests cannot reveal every bit of information about your dog since genetic data isn’t available for every breed and mix. Even if you don’t receive an entirely positive breed identification, at least some breeds can be eliminated from your dog’s pedigree. Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate? Dog DNA tests can identify the majority of […]

How to Save on Veterinarian Bills

When dog owner Melody Peterson’s bull terrier, Shasta, ate Peterson’s carpet, the veterinary bill set the Bend, Ore., resident back $1,800. That’s the good news. The bad news is that subsequent veterinary visits due to complications cost her an additional $2,500. A year later, Shasta ate a mini blind cord and the price tag for […]

Pet Insurance: Invest In Your Dog’s Health

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You needn’t live with an accident-prone pooch to consider health care insurance for your dog. Depending on the plan you choose, nearly every aspect of the canine medical spectrum is covered, from routine checkups and preventative wellness to treating diseases like cancer. These sorts of conditions often force less well-prepared owners to put down their […]

How Can I Groom My Dog At Home?

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Grooming a dog also creates a potentially vulnerable situation for your dog, requiring a certain level of trust. Therefore, to your dog, the grooming process means much more than a quick cleaning. As author and trainer Kathy Diamond Davis of Oklahoma City, Okla. advises, “You can use this time to strengthen your relationship with your dog and […]

The Future of Dog Spaying

Spaying is a procedure few of us question. This year alone, thousands of female dogs will undergo the hysterectomy operation, which removes the ovaries and uterus. Chances are your own pet has already undergone these removals. A groundbreaking new study, however, may change the way we view this common surgery. Longevity and Ovaries LinkedWomen tend […]

Top 10 Questions for Your Dog’s Veterinarian

One thing all dogs have in common is this: They can’t tell the veterinarian what’s wrong. That’s when pet owners have to step up and ask the right questions. “If you are coming in for your annual wellness visit or a sick visit, write down your questions ahead of time, just like I do when […]

High-Maintenance Hounds Abound at National Dog Show

He is well on his way to becoming a champion show dog and sports the gorgeous, impeccably groomed coat and bearing that epitomize canine royalty. Still, the bottom line for Kilkenny’s Handsome Hound — better known as Murphy — is the same as for any other dog: There are times when he needs to have […]

Pregnant Dog Care

Virginia-based veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson has three words of advice for dog owners thinking about breeding their dogs: Don’t do it. “Just because your dog is cute and your neighbor’s dog is cute does not mean they should get together to make puppies,” says Nelson. “You need experience and know-how to breed. It’s not something […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy in 2012

With the turn of every year, countless people resolve to improve their health by losing weight, exercising and more. The vast majority breaks those promises and ends up feeling disappointed. So rather than subject yourself to another year of self-defeat, why not resolve to improve the health of your dog instead? Below are a handful […]