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Veterinarians Inspire New Dog Foods

At least 7.3 million dogs in the United States are 11 years of age or older, according to researchers at University of California, Davis. Since North American and European dogs have an average life span of 12.8 years, the numbers suggest that more canines than ever are reaching their senior years, likely pushing the life […]

Pop Quiz: Is Your Dog Eating Properly?

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Given these fluctuating requirements, how can you best meet your best canine friend’s breed- and stage-specific nutritional needs? Here, The Dog Daily asks veterinarian Trisha Joyce, DVM, of New York City Veterinary Specialists to answer the most crucial food-related doggie dilemmas. Puppies need more calories than adult dogs TRUE Puppies grow rapidly, especially in the […]

Least-Cost Versus Fixed-Cost Dog Food Formulas

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“The least-cost formulation could certainly explain the finickiness of many animals,” says Katy Nelson, DVM, a Virginia-based emergency veterinarian. Least-Cost Formula Dog Food Nelson likens the practice to human food preparations. “Usually, the things that cost the most are the most desirable, like filet mignon. So if a company is scrimping on the cost of the […]

“Natural” Dog Food Explained

What Is the Best Natural Dog Food

“I feel like if she eats healthy now, she’ll stay healthier, and we’ll have fewer vet bills later.” Like Davis, you are probably more concerned about putting “natural,” or minimally processed, foods on your dinner table, and that standard now extends to what’s in Fido’s bowl. Davis says she looks for recognizable ingredients, such as […]

Prebiotics Support Your Dog’s Inner Strength

Health Benefits of Prebiotics For Dog

Prebiotics in Dog Food While certain dog foods now have the word “prebiotics” on the front label, check the product’s ingredient list. Look for the long term “fructooligosaccharides,” or FOS for short. Foods with this word have one of the best prebiotics now available. Although the name seems very scientific, it refers to fiber, according […]

Your Dog’s Unique Nutritional Needs

In the not-so-distant past, there were basically two dog food options: puppy chow and everything else. Now, dog owners have more choices. Different foods for puppies, adult dogs and the senior set have been in stores for a while. Newer to the market are foods geared to meet the requirements of dogs based on size, […]

How to Feed Your Food Intolerant Dog

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Food allergies most often emerge very differently than a food sensitivity. The primary symptoms of a food allergy being itching and skin problems rather than GI distress. Food allergies account for approximately 10 percent of canine allergies and are the third most common after fleabites and inhalants. According to Dicke, a technical services veterinarian for Iams, […]

Healthy Nutrition For Your Senior Dog

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When New York City native George Kingsman’s 11-year-old Pug, Lily, began regularly limping around after each of her many naps, her veterinarian suggested a food change: senior-plus formula. “I transitioned to senior-plus food. She lost weight and, even better, her joint stiffness subsided within weeks,” says Kingsman. Dr. Trisha Joyce, veterinarian of BluePearl Veterinary Partners, […]

Holistic Dog Food

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What Is a Holistic Diet For Dogs? “Holistic simply means supplying a complete and balanced diet that supports the entire animal,” says Dicke. Adds Nelson: “Only natural sources are used for the ingredients: no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, and no fillers.” The holistic concept first gained strength among medical professionals. Holistic […]