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Eyes, Ears and Nose – How Do Dogs Sense the World?

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As well as being able to hear high pitched sounds, a dog’s ears can pick up sounds from far away. Dogs can move each ear independently to enable them to locate which direction sounds are coming from. They can do this because they have around 18 muscles in each ear! Some dog breeds are considered […]

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers and What Are They Used For?

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What Are Dog Whiskers? Whiskers Under the Chin Dogs are so furry that even the most observant of owners can miss details about their appearance. Take dog whiskers, for example. They’re usually visible above the eyes and on the muzzle, but did you know that your dog likely has a tiny beard of whiskers below […]

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Stressed?

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Unfortunately, often we misinterpret these signals by punishing our dogs when we should comfort them and by giving off body language of our own that would be considered offensive in the dog world, such as bending over or staring at them. Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas, author of On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals (Dogwise […]

Keep Your Dog Warm and Safe This Winter

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Although almost all dogs come with fur coats, those coats may not be enough to protect some breeds from the effects of wind, precipitation, and low temperatures. For these dogs, a winter dog coat may be necessary. “Think of the very short-coated dogs, especially those with low body fat, such as Whippets and Greyhounds,” says […]

The Pooch Wears Prada: Canine Fashion

For dog lovers, the most lasting image from erstwhile MTV reality series “Newlyweds” may be Jessica Simpson’s Maltipoo, Daisy, in a Louis Vuitton monogram canvas dog carrier. In the years since, the dog-watching public has become used to seeing celebrities turn their pups into style mavens. But it isn’t only the Tori Spellings of the […]

What Do Dogs Do When They Poop?

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Dog Poop Prominence Isabel Barja, a zoologist at the Autonomous University of Madrid, recently had the inelegant task of inspecting wolf scat in the Iberian Peninsula’s mountainous region. In a study published in the journal Animal Behavior, Dr. Barja found that wolves chose to do their business on plants that maximized visual impact and odor distribution. She […]