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Do French Dogs Get Fat?

In the best-selling book <em>French Women Don’t Get Fat </em>(Vintage), writer Mireille Guiliano explains how les femmes françaises indulge in baguettes, champagne and chocolate without sacrificing their ability to slip into their curve-hugging sweaters. The question now is: Does the seemingly miraculous European food effect carry over to continental canines? In America, the issue of […]

Can Dog Food Protect Your Pet?

When Jerome Kogan’s eight-year-old pug, Grady, begs for her dinner, it’s probably not because she’s concerned about her health. “Grady starts asking for dinner about 3 o’clock every afternoon,” says the 39-year-old resident of New York City. “I try to hold off until 4, though sometimes her incessant whining gets to me, and I feed […]

Seven Indicators of Dog Food Quality

The best evidence that you’ve chosen the right dog food is your dog itself. Your furry pal’s inward and outward appearance is tangible, visible proof that you’re dishing up a food that meets its nutritional needs. While other factors can also affect your pup’s health and behavior, making sure your dog eats properly is fundamental […]

Support Your Puppy’s Growth With Proper Nutrition

When Daisy Lehman of Cleveland brought home her pug puppy last summer, it was with explicit feeding instructions from the breeder. “He told me to transition slowly from the food he’d been giving her to the puppy formula I was planning to give her,” says Lehman. The advice was sound, but Lehman was still not […]