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Eyes, Ears and Nose – How Do Dogs Sense the World?

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As well as being able to hear high pitched sounds, a dog’s ears can pick up sounds from far away. Dogs can move each ear independently to enable them to locate which direction sounds are coming from. They can do this because they have around 18 muscles in each ear! Some dog breeds are considered […]

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers and What Are They Used For?

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What Are Dog Whiskers? Whiskers Under the Chin Dogs are so furry that even the most observant of owners can miss details about their appearance. Take dog whiskers, for example. They’re usually visible above the eyes and on the muzzle, but did you know that your dog likely has a tiny beard of whiskers below […]

Safe Holiday Dog Toys

With the winter holidays now upon us, many dog owners are considering buying new toys for their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey, 53 percent of dogs and 38 percent of cats receive gifts at Christmas. Pets are more likely to get gifts during the holidays than […]

Best Sleep Position for Dogs

Dogs, like humans, sleep in all sorts of positions. Some snooze on their sides. Others sleep with their tummies on the ground and their heads faced down. Still others, like yours, prefer the stomach-up position. Anecdotally, and by my observations of dogs that do this, many choose to expose their stomachs to cool down. Dogs […]