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Dog Cancer Survivors

In the three years that Allie’s been working at Bryan Middle School in Bryan, Ohio, she’s been diagnosed with cancer four times. But hearing the “C” word doesn’t get her down. In fact, each time she’s diagnosed, she takes only a few days off for treatment.   Dogs Living with Cancer What’s Allie’s secret to cancer […]

New Hope for Cancer in Dogs

Two years ago, Buddy the golden retriever hobbled into his veterinarian’s office, barely able to walk. Tests revealed a tumor on the 8-year-old dog’s spine. Buddy’s doctors gave him little hope. Yet when the plucky dog’s owner, Marti Johnson of Akron, Ohio, learned about an experimental new drug treatment for dogs with cancer, she signed […]

New Treatments for Cancer in Dogs

Canine cancer treatments can be somewhat like this summer’s blackout: The power may be there, but without access to it, it’s not worth much. Most veterinary oncologists (specialists in treating cancer in companion animals) agree that while improvements have been made in all areas of cancer treatment, the most important progress has been in improving […]

Dog ‘Breast Cancer’: Mammary Disease

Dr. Trisha Joyce, a veterinarian for New York City Veterinary Specialists, still remembers the first dog she saw with mammary disease — cancer of the mammary glands. The dog was brought in for lethargy. “We started off with blood work and X-rays, and the X-rays showed metastatic cancer in her lungs, which had begun in […]