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How Some Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names

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Alaskan Malamutes, the most muscular sled dog breed, aren’t named after a country but an Innuit tribe, the Malimiuts, in Alaska. The Chukchi people of Siberia first bred Siberian Huskies. How Did the Rottweiler Get Its Name? Rottweilers got their name from a town, Rottweil, in Western Germany. When the breed was in decline, there were a […]

Benefits of a Dog DNA Test

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The DNA tests cannot reveal every bit of information about your dog since genetic data isn’t available for every breed and mix. Even if you don’t receive an entirely positive breed identification, at least some breeds can be eliminated from your dog’s pedigree. Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate? Dog DNA tests can identify the majority of […]

Small, Adult, and Large Dog Food Formulas

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“She seemed to be having a hard time with the bigger pieces,” he explains. Unfortunately, the kibble didn’t stay down, leaving Kantor with a most unwanted “gift” to clean up. He surmises, “I guess she wasn’t able to chew the large chunks quickly enough.”  Kibble size isn’t the only reason to feed your best friend […]

How Aggressive Is My Dog’s Breed?

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The study, accepted for publication in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, indeed found that goldens rate among the least aggressive breeds. But the study also offers somewhat unexpected conclusions when it comes to canine feistiness. You might be surprised to find where your dog’s breed ranks. What is the Least Aggressive Dog Breed? These […]