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Rehabilitate Your Reactive Dog

When 27-year-old Jodi Carp of Royal Oak, Mich., moved in with a friend and his German shepherd, she was happy to help out by walking the big boy. Her roommate, however, told her that his dog, Guinness, tended to be overprotective of women walkers. “Just hold his leash tight when men are walking toward you […]

Prepare your Dog For Guests

Inviting guests to your home when you have a new or energetic dog can prove to be challenging. Just a little training — for both your dog and your guests — will make visits more enjoyable for everyone, though. The Jumping HurdleA big concern for dog owners is jumping. Dr. Rebecca Jackson, DVM, staff veterinarian […]

Lessons Learned From Presidential Dogs

In the White House, they play howl to the chief. They are presidential dogs — the most common presidential pets. Throughout history, U.S. presidents have had faithful companions living with them at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. White House dogs have comforted their owners in times of great national stress, entertained the American public with their antics […]

Could a Veterinary Behaviorist Help Your Dog?

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She encouraged the dog to sit or offer a paw and rewarded her with a treat for doing so. Dr. Sueda also prescribed a psychiatric medication, similar to human drugs such as Prozac, for the stressed-out dog to help her get accustomed to busy streets and loud noises. “It’s tough to predict the triggers, and […]