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Why is My Dog Licking Constantly and How Can I Stop It?

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Dog owners have a tendency to spend a great deal of time looking for the ideal food, buying toys, and even clothingfor their best friends, searching for ways to train them, to adjust the houses, to make their dogs’ life extra comfortable and more secure. It’s no surprise they observe their dog and wait for […]

How Do You Correct Bad Behavior In Dogs?

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Positive-Only Dog Training Techniques Many dog trainers have decided to use only positive training techniques. By helping the dog do what is asked and then rewarding that behavior, they hope unwanted behaviors will disappear. With some dogs, this training can be very effective, and many owners are thrilled to keep the training process so positive. […]

Stop Bad Behavior Now

Do you ever wonder why your dog misbehaves sometimes? Peggy Moran, a renowned professional dog behaviorist, has the inside scoop on perplexing doggy dilemmas from chewing and barking, to jumping on strangers and housebreaking. Doggy Dilemma #1: Chewing Question: We have a beautiful nine-month-old lab that loves to chew. He has many chew toys, but […]

Why is My Dog Aggressive and Can You Train Aggression Out of a Dog?

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There Are Some Common Types of Aggression Shown by Dogs Such As: Territorial  A dog protects its territory or home from threats such as intruders. To an aggressive territorial dog, an intruder doesn’t necessarily have to be a stranger; it can be a human or another dog they know. Protective When a dog protects fellow […]

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

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Several possibilities may explain your dog’s occasional inclination to munch on grass. Dr. Goodman and Dr. Steven Steep, past president of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, explain the theories: Why Do Dogs Eat Grass and Vomit? It’s an unpleasant reality associated with grazing, but many dogs bring up their food after eating grass. However, it’s […]

What Do Dogs Do When They Poop?

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Dog Poop Prominence Isabel Barja, a zoologist at the Autonomous University of Madrid, recently had the inelegant task of inspecting wolf scat in the Iberian Peninsula’s mountainous region. In a study published in the journal Animal Behavior, Dr. Barja found that wolves chose to do their business on plants that maximized visual impact and odor distribution. She […]

How Smart Is a Dog?

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Such studies on dogs use images or actual objects, not words. Dog researcher Dr. Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, agrees that dogs are much smarter than we tend to think. “We all want insight into how our furry companions think, and we want to understand the silly, quirky, and […]

Guilt and Your Dog – Are Dogs Capable of Feeling Guilty?

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Maybe he’s moving slowly away from you with a fearful look. Do Dogs Feel Guilt? He’s not feeling guilty, and he’s not acting guilty either; he is acting submissive because you’re angry. As you know, dogs are descendants of wolves. When the lead wolf in a pack (called the alpha) gets mad at another wolf, […]