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Why does my dog always want to lick my face?

Is it safe when my dog licks me? The majority of people seem to like it because they believe their dog loves them. Nevertheless, you need to remain cautious due to the fact that dogs can accidentally harm you. Their mouths may be clean, but they contain a lot of natural germs that can be […]

Stop Bad Behavior Now

Do you ever wonder why your dog misbehaves sometimes? Peggy Moran, a renowned professional dog behaviorist, has the inside scoop on perplexing doggy dilemmas from chewing and barking, to jumping on strangers and housebreaking. Doggy Dilemma #1: Chewing Question: We have a beautiful nine-month-old lab that loves to chew. He has many chew toys, but […]

Why is My Dog Aggressive and Can You Train Aggression Out of a Dog?

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There Are Some Common Types of Aggression Shown by Dogs Such As: Territorial  A dog protects its territory or home from threats such as intruders.  To a territorial aggressive dog an intruder doesn’t necessarily have to be a stranger, it can be human or another dog they know. Protective When a dog protects fellow pack […]

Why Are There So Many Chihuahuas in Shelters?

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The same thing has happened to Pit Bulls over the years, since they have an established “tough and cool” image. She says, “Sadly, many people do little research into breed characteristics and don’t understand and commit to the responsibilities of lifetime ownership of a puppy or dog.” The Good and Bad of Chihuahuas Every good […]

Dog Grass-grazing

Some dogs see a verdant lawn as an invitation to romp. Others view that swath of grass as a welcome snack. If you count your pup among the dogs that occasionally graze on grass, you’re far from alone. Veterinarians receive many questions about grass grazing, and they don’t always have direct answers for their clients, […]