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Five Great Things You Can Do for Your Dog in the New Year

Slim down. Recent studies indicate that if your dog is overweight, it can actually shorten his life. And pet obesity is a growing health problem, due to today’s more sedentary lifestyle. In fact, the recently updated National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats says as much as 25 percent of America’s pets are […]

Q&A With Working Dog Handler Mike Stone

Mike Stone owns Absolute K-9 Training in Escondido, California, where, with his wife, Toni, they train, show, and work dogs for private dog owners, companies that need trained working dogs, and law enforcement agencies. Mike opened Absolute K-9 Trainingin 1994. He is a certified trainer for obedience, protection, and police dogs. Mike is also a […]

How Do You Correct Bad Behavior In Dogs?

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Positive-Only Dog Training Techniques Many dog trainers have decided to use only positive training techniques. By helping the dog do what is asked and then rewarding that behavior, they hope unwanted behaviors will disappear. With some dogs, this training can be very effective, and many owners are thrilled to keep the training process so positive. […]