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Puppy Adoption – What Do I Need To Know?

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considering and make sure it’s a good match for your lifestyle. “Many people do not carefully consider what breed they are getting; they just see a dog they think is cute and get it without a thought as to whether their personality and lifestyle are appropriate for this type of dog,” says Nelson. Recommended products […]

Eyes, Ears and Nose – How Do Dogs Sense the World?

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As well as being able to hear high pitched sounds, a dog’s ears can pick up sounds from far away. Dogs can move each ear independently to enable them to locate which direction sounds are coming from. They can do this because they have around 18 muscles in each ear! Some dog breeds are considered […]

Why is My Dog Licking Constantly and How Can I Stop It?

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Dog owners have a tendency to spend a great deal of time looking for the ideal food, buying toys, and even clothingfor their best friends, searching for ways to train them, to adjust the houses, to make their dogs’ life extra comfortable and more secure. It’s no surprise they observe their dog and wait for […]

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers and What Are They Used For?

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What Are Dog Whiskers? Whiskers Under the Chin Dogs are so furry that even the most observant of owners can miss details about their appearance. Take dog whiskers, for example. They’re usually visible above the eyes and on the muzzle, but did you know that your dog likely has a tiny beard of whiskers below […]

How Some Popular Dog Breeds Got Their Names

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Alaskan Malamutes, the most muscular sled dog breed, aren’t named after a country but an Innuit tribe, the Malimiuts, in Alaska. The Chukchi people of Siberia first bred Siberian Huskies. How Did the Rottweiler Get Its Name? Rottweilers got their name from a town, Rottweil, in Western Germany. When the breed was in decline, there were a […]