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Name: Muzzlee

Age: 5

Breed: Shepherd/Lab mix

Owner: Sara Spradling

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Likes: Sleeping in a people bed, being petted and eating - especially the cat's food!

Dislikes: Being groomed, getting caught eating the cat's food

Sara Spradling says:

Muzzlee was a rescue puppy I got in 2005. He was 6 months old. He was purchased from a puppy mill auction by a "rescue" organization that eventually got shut down because they were not providing proper care to their animals. He has been my best friend since I got him - even after the many trips to the vet for eating things he shouldn't have and breaking his toe chasing a squirrel! He never ceases to put a smile on my face and everyone loves him - and he loves everyone!

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