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  • Find Out Your Mutt's Family Tree

    Even if your beloved canine is a full-fledged mutt, there's hope of finding its lineage through DNA testing options.

  • Dog Training Partner

    Want to get fit? Dogs make some of the best workout partners. Here's how you and your dog can get healthy together.

  • Does Breeding Impact Dog Behavior?

    Have humans helped shape the personality of all dogs through breeding?

  • Small Dog Syndrome

    What is "small dog syndrome"? It sounds like something my feisty little Chihuahua has.

  • How to Stop Your Cairn Terrier From Chasing

    My cairn terrier always tries to chase cars, bikers and even joggers. Is there anything I can do to curb my dog's desire to run after anything that moves?

  • Best Dog Breeds for a Busy Schedule

    I am single, live alone and work long hours. I'd love to get a dog, but are there breeds that could tolerate my hectic schedule?

  • Dog Breeds for Cat Lovers

    Are you a cat-centric pet owner who’s looking to get a dog for the family? These dog breeds just may win you over.

  • Dogs and Airplane Travel: A Deadly Mix?

    Surveys show that certain dog breeds are at greater risk of health threats during air travel than other canines. Learn if your dog is at heightened risk, and what to do if your pet must fly.

  • How to Determine a Dog’s Strength

    Is it true that you can predict how strong a dog is just by looking at its head? If so, how can that be possible?

  • Dog Breeds at Risk for Swallowing Nonfood Items

    Did you know that some dog breeds are more likely than others to swallow potentially dangerous nonfood items? Find out if your dog is at greater risk.

  • Feed Your Breed Right

    Breed- and size-specific foods help ensure that your dog will receive proper nutrition. Make the right food match by looking for your dog's breed in our feeding guide.

  • A Dog Howling Primer

    If you've ever come home to the howls of your dog, you're not alone. We'll tell you the meaning behind the noise -- and how to stop it.

  • Are Chihuahuas the New Pit Bulls?

    They're cute, affectionate little dogs, but this breed's increased popularity has shelters and pet experts worried.

  • Doggone DNA

    A number of factors influence whether or not your dog could suffer from a disorder or disease. Your pet's breed is one such determinant. Here's what to watch out for, along with tips on keeping your canine in top dog shape.

  • Canine Heart Disease: A Silent Killer

    Like you, your dog may also develop problems as well. Not surprisingly, early diagnosis and proper treatments can make all the difference between life and death for your pet.


  • Changing the Image of Pit Bulls

    While many people have negative views about the behavior of pit bulls, one such dog is defying the stereotype and making a positive difference.

  • Black Shelter Dogs Need Your Support

    Did you know that black dogs are often overlooked in shelters? This phenomenon is so common that it even has a name: Black Dog Syndrome.

  • Best Dog Breeds for Kids

    If you have children and are hoping to add a dog to your family mix, check out these kid-friendly breeds.

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