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  • How to tell if your dog is healthy

    Dogs have a sneaky way of hiding their health issues. Here are a few ways to tell if your pooch is feeling under the weather.

  • The Lonely Dog

    Is your dog home alone more than Macaulay Culkin? Here’s how to tell if your furry friend is lonely, and what you can do about it.

  • How to Prevent 5 Common Dog Illnesses

    As the axiom goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are tips to prevent some of the most common dog health problems.

  • Dogs Can Improve the Mental and Physical Health of Kids

    The latest studies suggest that dog ownership is good for us -- especially for kids.

  • How to Manage Your Dog’s Health Care

    A new survey shows that the recession has affected dog care. Advance planning can help you save money and provide proper medical support for your pet.

  • Spring 2012 Flea and Tick Care for Dogs

    Fleas and ticks are out in force during the spring. Here are some of the latest products and techniques for dealing with these pesky and often dangerous parasites.

  • What Snoring Says About Your Dog’s Health

    Does your dog snore when snoozing? If so, that can alert you to certain health problems.

  • New Supplement Can Help Your Dog’s Digestion

    With a simple dietary supplement, you can help maintain your dog's digestive balance and prevent diarrhea.

  • The Harmful Effects Sugar Has on Dogs

    Can dogs get a sugar high, affecting their behavior, when they eat certain foods?

  • Dog Training Partner

    Want to get fit? Dogs make some of the best workout partners. Here's how you and your dog can get healthy together.

  • Could You Recognize Dog Flu?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued new dog-flu guidelines that help answer important questions about this emerging canine disease.

  • How to Care for Your Sensitive-skin Dog

    Dogs with sensitive skin require some extra care during mealtime. Feed your dog in ways that will promote coat health and satisfy your pet's hunger and cravings.

  • Are You Protecting Your Dog’s Health?

    Are you doing all that you can to safeguard your dog's health? Take our quiz to find out.

  • Stop Your Dog From Licking the Carpet

    My dog obsessively licks the carpet. What is causing this behavior?

  • Can a Pain Management Center Help Your Dog?

    Is your dog suffering from pain due to injury, age or illness? Veterinary centers specializing in treating your dog's aches and pains may be able to help.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your dog's wellness in this plan? Ensure your dog's good health by following these recommendations.

  • When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

    How can I tell if my dog is a senior? Are there any signs and behaviors that can clue me in to her aging process?

  • New Health Trend: Dog Fitness Centers

    A new Orlando, Fla., fitness center for dogs offers aromatherapy, massage, aqua therapy and other services. Could this growing trend benefit your dog's health?

  • Healthy Nutrition for Your Senior Dog

    Foods for active, senior canines can promote healthy digestion and help improve immune response, all while fueling your dog's busy day.

  • Top 5 Ways to Improve Life for Your Senior Dog

    Aging is inevitable, but it needn't diminish your dog's quality of life. Here are five ways to make the most out of your pet's senior years.

  • Dog ‘Breast Cancer’: Mammary Disease

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when we support those affected by the disease. But did you know that dogs can suffer from something very similar to human breast cancer -- and that it can be just as serious?

  • Coping With the Loss of a Dog

    The death of a beloved dog can be devastating. Here, experts offer suggestions on how to cope during this difficult time.

  • Top 10 $1,000 Dog Health Insurance Claims

    Find out which top 10 pet medical conditions cost dog owners $1,000 or more.

  • Protect Your Dog From a Deadly Summer Virus

    Parvovirus, a deadly bug that can affect any dog, can be particularly troublesome in summer, when canines are more active outdoors. Find out how to protect your pet.

  • Organizations That Feed Dogs When Owners Can’t

    Save Our Pets Food Bank, Florida’s Animal Pantry and other organizations help to feed the dogs of owners facing economic and health challenges.

  • 9 Key Ingredients That Nourish Growing Puppies

    High-quality puppy food contains premium ingredients. Here are nine that will help your pup to grow up strong and healthy.

  • Who Works at Your Dog’s Veterinary Office?

    Do you know the difference between a veterinarian, a veterinary assistant and a veterinary technician? All of these individuals, and more, may work at your local vet's office.

  • Fight Dog Cancer

    Meet dogs that, with the help of their vets and owners, fought cancer -- and won.

  • Special Needs Dogs Hit the Road

    If you're traveling with a special needs dog, you may be surprised at how little difference there is than a dog in perfect health.

  • Benefits of DHA for Your Growing Puppy

    Puppies naturally produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but they may benefit from having this omega-3 fatty acid in their food. Find out why.

  • Protect Your Dog’s Teeth From Disease

    In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, veterinarians share tips on improving your dog's "smile" while also preventing tooth decay, gum disease and other periodontal ailments.

  • Dog Food Ingredients for Good Health

    Dog food with just the right balance of a special ingredient can literally make your dog shine with the glow of good health.

  • Big Benefits of Small-dog Day Care

    Small-dog day care and boarding facilities provide small breeds with benefits that range from consistent care to comfortable surroundings.

  • Veterinary Trend: Dog-only Clinics

    Some veterinarians are now working in or opening dog-only clinics. Here are the benefits and values of these clinics that you should consider.

  • Top 10 Human Medications That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Accidentally leaving out pills in your dog’s reach can be more harmful than you think. Here are the top 10 human medications the Pet Poison Helpline says can harm your dog.

  • Diabetes in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

    November is Pet Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a common canine disease, so watch out for these symptoms in your dog.

  • Control Your Dog’s Weight With Food

    Do you worry that your dog is too chubby -- or too skinny? Here’s how weight management dog foods can help your dog reach and maintain its proper weight.

  • Veterinary Care at Your Doorstep

    If you’re the typical multitasking dog owner with limited time, why drive to the vet when the vet can drive to you?

  • Identifying Vet-worthy Dog Health Problems

    The Internet and other resources can help in diagnosing dog health problems, but when is a vet visit the only answer?

  • What Not to Feed Your Dog

    Certain ingredients and types of foods can actually do more harm than good to your dog. Find out what you should not feed your pet, from a health perspective.

  • International Homeless Animals’ Day: Make a Difference

    August 21 is International Homeless Animals’ Day. Here’s how you can help to transform dogs from homeless to happy and homeward bound.

  • Top 10 Questions for Your Dog’s Veterinarian

    Make the most out of your dog’s next veterinary visit by knowing the right questions to ask.

  • 7 Food Ingredients for Your Dog’s Health

    Some dog foods are now specially formulated to protect your dog against common health problems.

  • Protect Your Dog This Summer

    The “dog days of summer” is almost a misnomer, because dogs can succumb to weather-related problems. Here are do’s and don’ts for protecting your dog from summer’s heat.

  • How Dog Food Is Made and Tested

    From the initial recipe idea to the final product, learn how high-quality dog food is made and how it is then later tested by eager dog volunteers.

  • Are Tick and Flea Control Products Safe?

    The EPA recently announced that it has developed stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick products for your dog. If the EPA is worried, should you be too?

  • Prebiotics Support Your Dog’s Inner Strength

    Does your dog’s food contain prebiotics? Now available in both wet and dry dog food, prebiotics can have a positive effect on your dog’s health.

  • Dog Food Ingredients: The 4 Essential Groups

    Protein from meat is always a dog favorite. But can you guess what the other key ingredient groups are in quality natural dog foods?

  • New Treatments for Canine Cancer

    Cancer treatments for dogs are finally catching up with the array of treatments long available to people, and cancer is no longer the deadly diagnosis it once was.

  • Stretching Techniques for Dogs

    Using their experience in physical therapy, yoga, zoology, training and dog showing, sisters Sasha and Ashley Foster show you how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to improve its fitness.

  • Healthy Hiking With Your Dog

    Hiking with your dog can be one of spring’s most rewarding pleasures, as long as you take proper precautions.

  • Support Your Dog’s Dental Health

    Want to give your dog clean white teeth and fresh breath? Remember the three D’s: daily brushing, dentistry and diet.

  • The Future of Dog Spaying

    New research shows that female dogs that retain their ovaries live longer. Here’s what you should consider before spaying your dog.

  • Signs of Illness in Your Dog

    What exactly does dog illness look like? These warning signs could signify potential health problems, and they can help you help your dog stay healthy.

  • Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

    You and your dog both need physical activity to prevent obesity, so why not exercise together? Veterinarian Susan Nelson shares tips for the perfect owner-dog workout.

  • Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Boarding

    Planning a winter holiday vacation? These problem prevention tips will help you prepare your pup for boarding.

  • Kennel Cough Treatment and Prevention

    Is your dog at risk for this noisy, lengthy and all-too-common dog ailment? It’s possible, as the name may be misleading.

  • Dog Arthritis Cure on the Horizon

    Concerned about arthritis in your dog? A new method for early detection of this debilitating disease in dogs could lead to a cure.

  • Dog Grass-grazing

    You may not be the only one mowing your lawn this summer: Dogs cut down grass too, eating it on occasion. Is this potentially harmful to them?

  • Top 5 Dog Summer Health Concerns

    Summertime may not mean summer fun for your dog. Manage its health by watching out for these common health problems.

  • Go Green for Your Dog's Health

    Are you living an eco-friendly lifestyle? The benefits of going green for you and your pet may surprise you.

  • New Hope for Canine Cancer

    A new drug treatment is giving hope to dogs with cancer. Could your dog be a candidate for this groundbreaking therapy?

  • Hidden Health Dangers of Dog Tail Chasing

    A surprising new study has linked high cholesterol to dogs with compulsive behaviors, like tail chasing. What's really to blame?

  • Innovation Showcased at New Pet Hospital

    Elevators for four-leggers, a dental suite and a "kibble kitchen" with foods for ailing dogs are just a few of the many comforts awaiting patients at San Francisco's new Animal Care Center.

  • How Dog Germs Spread

    A new study negates common myths about how germs might spread between dogs and humans and advises dog owners to frequently do this one thing.

  • Food Allergies Can Dog Canines Too

    Dogs have a reputation for gobbling up anything and everything in sight, but this annoyance could cause your pet to have allergic reactions to its food, environment or both.

  • Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

    Your forever fur-coated friend may look warm, but winter can turn a hot dog cold. Is your dog staying comfy cozy all winter long?

  • Automatic Dog Eyedrops in the Works

    Trying to place a medicinal drop into the eyes of a squirming dog patient can be next to impossible. Solution? Automatic dog eyedrops.

  • Tis' the Season...for Dog Depression

    Dogs seem to experience mood swings during winter, but are they just mirroring our feelings? Get the facts and how to prevent dog depression.

  • Shelter Dog Adoption Process Explained

    Here's what you should know about adopting a shelter dog, including how to avoid common problems and ensure that your pet properly adjusts to its new home.

  • Dog Cancer Survivors

    Discover how new medicines, surgical techniques and therapies are allowing dogs diagnosed with cancer to live much longer, happier lives.

  • Support Your Puppy's Growth

    What and how you feed your puppy can make all of the difference in your pet's life now and even later as it graduates to adult dog food. Here's what the perfect puppy chow should contain, along with tips on making the most of your pup's mealtime.

  • New Surgery Repairs Dog Knees

    Joint issues affect many dogs, but now a new surgical technique, used on human ankles, is working wonders on doggie knees. See if this minimally invasive surgery could help your pet.

  • Can Dog Food Protect Your Pet?

    As evidenced by your food-gulping dog, many pet foods are not only tasty but could help determine Rover's future health.

  • Doggone DNA

    A number of factors influence whether or not your dog could suffer from a disorder or disease. Your pet's breed is one such determinant. Here's what to watch out for, along with tips on keeping your canine in top dog shape.

  • Help Your Dog Beat Summer's Heat

    While summertime is perfect for long walks and games of fetch, elevated temperatures make it imperative to keep your canine cool and comfy for its health.

  • Dogs that Overdo It

    Canines, like humans, can suffer injuries related to sports and other physical activities. Weekend athletes, couch potatoes, chubby pooches and others are at special risk. Find out what the risk factors and what to do when your friend overextends.

  • Canine Heart Disease: A Silent Killer

    Like you, your dog may also develop problems as well. Not surprisingly, early diagnosis and proper treatments can make all the difference between life and death for your pet.



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