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  • The Lonely Dog

    Is your dog home alone more than Macaulay Culkin? Here’s how to tell if your furry friend is lonely, and what you can do about it.

  • Lost-dog Recovery Service

    Finding a missing dog is now easier with the click of your mouse. Here's how to safeguard your pup, whether it's lost or found.

  • Spring 2012 Flea and Tick Care for Dogs

    Fleas and ticks are out in force during the spring. Here are some of the latest products and techniques for dealing with these pesky and often dangerous parasites.

  • Should You Train With a Head Halter?

    A trainer suggested that I get a head halter for my dog. How does this device help me and my dog?

  • The Harmful Effects Sugar Has on Dogs

    Can dogs get a sugar high, affecting their behavior, when they eat certain foods?

  • Are You Protecting Your Dog’s Health?

    Are you doing all that you can to safeguard your dog's health? Take our quiz to find out.

  • Can a Tether Help You Train Your Dog Off-leash?

    My dog is not trained off-leash, so a friend suggested that I get a tether. How should I use it, and can it somehow help me train my dog?

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your dog's wellness in this plan? Ensure your dog's good health by following these recommendations.

  • How to Stop Your Cairn Terrier From Chasing

    My cairn terrier always tries to chase cars, bikers and even joggers. Is there anything I can do to curb my dog's desire to run after anything that moves?

  • Housekeepers and Dog Safety

    I'm considering hiring a housekeeper, but I'm also concerned about how my dog will react when I'm not at home with them. What can I do to keep them both safe and unstressed?

  • Top 10 $1,000 Dog Health Insurance Claims

    Find out which top 10 pet medical conditions cost dog owners $1,000 or more.

  • Protect Your Dog From a Deadly Summer Virus

    Parvovirus, a deadly bug that can affect any dog, can be particularly troublesome in summer, when canines are more active outdoors. Find out how to protect your pet.

  • Summer Safety for Dogs

    Now that it's summer, I'd like to take my water-loving dog on a boating trip. What should I do to make sure he stays safe?

  • Top 10 Human Medications That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Accidentally leaving out pills in your dog’s reach can be more harmful than you think. Here are the top 10 human medications the Pet Poison Helpline says can harm your dog.

  • Keep Your Dog Safe From Starting Fires

    New data reveals that pets start nearly 1,000 fires each year. Make sure your dog doesn’t wind up in these statistics.

  • National Dog Day Do’s and Don’ts

    National Dog Day, which celebrates dogs of all breeds, is coming up. Here’s how to celebrate and care for your dog on this day and always.

  • Protect Your Dog This Summer

    The “dog days of summer” is almost a misnomer, because dogs can succumb to weather-related problems. Here are do’s and don’ts for protecting your dog from summer’s heat.

  • Are Tick and Flea Control Products Safe?

    The EPA recently announced that it has developed stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick products for your dog. If the EPA is worried, should you be too?

  • How to Prevent Dog Bites

    It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Want to safeguard yourself and your dog while also preventing your own toothy friend from misbehaving?

  • Dog Breeds at Risk for Swallowing Nonfood Items

    Did you know that some dog breeds are more likely than others to swallow potentially dangerous nonfood items? Find out if your dog is at greater risk.

  • Top 5 Dog Summer Health Concerns

    Summertime may not mean summer fun for your dog. Manage its health by watching out for these common health problems.

  • Vacation Safely With Your Dog

    Going on vacation doesn't have to mean boarding your dog. With these easy ideas, a pet-friendly trip can provide long-lasting memories.

  • Dog Park Safety

    Puppy playtime isn't always a walk in the dog park. One canine expert shares her story and warns about dog park dangers that can affect your pup and you.

  • Faux Fidos Mimic Real Dog Behavior

    New, high-tech robotic dogs seem to function like real canines -- but could a fake Fido ever replace the real thing?

  • Dog Blood Banks Save Canine Lives

    Human medical techniques and treatments are going to the dogs, especially where canine blood banks are concerned. Now, both you and man's best friend can help other dogs in need.

  • Lassie Come Home with High Tech?

    From global positioning systems to new microchips, technology promises an end to lost dog posters. But how well do these high-tech devices really deliver? Here, we weigh the pros and cons of each, and help determine which one is best for your pup's personality.

  • Canine Heart Disease: A Silent Killer

    Like you, your dog may also develop problems as well. Not surprisingly, early diagnosis and proper treatments can make all the difference between life and death for your pet.



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