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  • Is Virtual Fun in Your Dog's Future?

    One day, your dog could be sitting riveted in front of a monitor, playing a computer game. Hey, if it happened to us, it could happen to our pets, suggests a new study that demonstrates dogs can use specially adapted computers while simultaneously demonstrating their intelligence.

  • Putting Your Pup Through Kinderpuppy

    Early doggie training, popularly called kinderpuppy, can be the most important education your pooch can receive. Give your little friend a place to learn the essentials, either through this type of program or a home-schooling plan taught by you.

  • Dog-friendly Games for the Whole Family

    I’m looking for a fun outdoor activity that my entire family -- including my very active dog -- can enjoy together. Any ideas?

  • Your Dog Can Be a Professional Actor

    Dogs often appear in television shows, movies, commercials and more. If your dog has star quality, it could be a hit in Hollywood and enjoy the spotlight too.

  • Elite Dog Athletes

    Their names might not regularly appear in the sports section, but these dog athletes are stars in their own right.

  • Summer Activities for Dogs

    My dog is an Olympian wannabe. Can I enhance its skills with special performance dog gear that's appropriate for the summer?

  • The Dog Olympics

    As the world prepares for the Summer Olympics, dogs from Colorado to North Carolina are preparing for the Dog Olympic Games.

  • Dog Training Partner

    Want to get fit? Dogs make some of the best workout partners. Here's how you and your dog can get healthy together.

  • The Dog Connection to Dating and Romance

    "Must love dogs" is a phrase frequently seen in personal ads. But can dogs really help their humans find Mr. or Ms. Right?

  • How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Just because you have a senior dog doesn't mean you can't train it the same way as you would a puppy.

  • The Benefits of Joining a Dog Social Group

    Meet local dog owners and lovers by joining or forming a dog-focused social group.

  • Nutrition Essentials for Sporting Dogs

    Does your dog work and play hard? If so, it needs proper fuel to look, perform and feel its best.

  • Safe Holiday Dog Toys

    My dog plays hard and wears out its toys quickly. What toys are safe -- and not so safe -- for dogs?

  • New Health Trend: Dog Fitness Centers

    A new Orlando, Fla., fitness center for dogs offers aromatherapy, massage, aqua therapy and other services. Could this growing trend benefit your dog's health?

  • Teach Your Dog to Sing

    I've seen dogs sing on TV, and I believe there are even canine karaoke events. How can I teach my dog to do this trick?

  • Take Your Dog to Work, Improve Productivity

    Did you know that bringing your dog to work improves productivity and decreases absenteeism? Find out how you, your pet and your employer can benefit from Take Your Dog to Work Day.

  • Dog Scouts of America Rewards Canines

    Based on popular Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs for young adults, the Dog Scouts of America gives canines a chance to earn merit badges and more.

  • Can Dogs Have Spiritual Experiences?

    A prominent neurologist believes dogs may have out-of-body experiences and other sensations that are associated with human spirituality.

  • Personal Assistants … for Dogs?

    Manny Apolonio is a personal assistant, but you won’t find him working with celebrities or high-profile individuals. Apolonio is parlaying his expertise with people to dogs and their often surprising, specialized needs.

  • How to Prepare Your Dog for Playgroup

    I’m considering taking my dog to regular playgroup sessions so it can enjoy socializing with other dogs. What should I expect, and should I prepare my pet in any way?

  • Big Benefits of Small-dog Day Care

    Small-dog day care and boarding facilities provide small breeds with benefits that range from consistent care to comfortable surroundings.

  • Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

    New and longtime dog owners often overlook their pets when making new year’s resolution. This year, try these changes that will benefit your dog.

  • High-Maintenance Hounds Abound at National Dog Show

    Backstage in Philadelphia last weekend was a mixture of the glamorous and the mundane as the dogs got ready for "showtime."

  • National Dog Week Celebrations

    Around the country, dog owners and their pets will celebrate National Dog Week this week. Here’s how to make this a special week for your canine.

  • National Dog Day Do’s and Don’ts

    National Dog Day, which celebrates dogs of all breeds, is coming up. Here’s how to celebrate and care for your dog on this day and always.

  • Summer Fun for Dogs

    If your dog loves to swim and has an adventurous spirit, competitive dock diving and jumping could be part of its summer fun.

  • Take Your Dog to Work

    Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25. Are you and your dog ready?

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    How are your dog park etiquette skills? Follow along with our experts to see how well you would deal with common dog park issues.

  • Fashion for Paws Model Shares Dog Runway Tips

    Dr. Katy J. Nelson is an emergency veterinarian by day, but she also struts her stuff for charity. Nelson shares what it takes for your dog to be a dog fashion runway star.

  • Active Lives of Disabled Dogs

    In honor of National Disabled Pets Day, learn about physically challenged dogs that are beating the odds thanks to good care, technology and a positive spirit.

  • Stretching Techniques for Dogs

    Using their experience in physical therapy, yoga, zoology, training and dog showing, sisters Sasha and Ashley Foster show you how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to improve its fitness.

  • Healthy Hiking With Your Dog

    Hiking with your dog can be one of spring’s most rewarding pleasures, as long as you take proper precautions.

  • Dog Product Trends for 2010

    The pet industry’s largest trade show takes place later this month. We’ve got a sneak peek of some of this year’s hottest dog toys and other products.

  • Westminster Dog Show Expert Shares Training Secrets

    A professional dog handler from this year’s 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show reveals his best dog grooming and training tips.

  • Dating Services for Dogs and Their Owners

    Need a matchmaker to find your perfect mate? The Right Breed, Must Love Pets, Date My Pet and other online dating services use the power of pets to bring people together.

  • Play Trivia, Feed Homeless Dogs

    Want to help feed hungry dogs? Start at your very own computer. Grade-schooler Mimi Ausland created, a program that combines fun-and-games trivia with serious charity work.

  • A Holiday Party for Your Dog and Guests

    Holiday-themed dog parties used to be rare, but more owners are finding out how enjoyable such events can be. Our dog paw-ty expert shares her secrets.

  • Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

    You and your dog both need physical activity to prevent obesity, so why not exercise together? Veterinarian Susan Nelson shares tips for the perfect owner-dog workout.

  • Love Dogs? Consider Becoming a Veterinary Technician

    Love dogs? Thinking about a career change? Consider becoming a veterinary technician. One woman shares what she's learned on the job.

  • Vacation Safely With Your Dog

    Going on vacation doesn't have to mean boarding your dog. With these easy ideas, a pet-friendly trip can provide long-lasting memories.

  • Yoga for Dogs: A 'Doga' How-to Guide

    Downward-facing dog gains new meaning in yoga classes designed for canines and their owners. Gather good vibes, a mat and your best friend for our guide.

  • Twelve Days of Dog Holiday Gifting

    What's better than one day of holiday gifting? Twelve! Here are a dozen of new, innovative toys and products you can proudly present to your deserving dog.

  • Dog Training Can Be Fun and Games

    Why work when you don't have to? Renowned British dog trainer Kay Laurence advocates the use of games and play as a means to train dogs and strengthen our bonds with them.

  • How to Throw a Pooch Party

    From barkbeques to birthdog parties, canine-centric celebrations are all the rage. Here's how to plan, what to serve, and most important, the best way to enjoy a fun-filled fiesta.

  • Faux Fidos Mimic Real Dog Behavior

    New, high-tech robotic dogs seem to function like real canines -- but could a fake Fido ever replace the real thing?

  • Hotel Chains Open Their Doors to Dogs

    Good news for globe-trotting owners and their dogs: America's largest hotel chains are now allowing and catering to canine clientele.

  • Dogs that Overdo It

    Canines, like humans, can suffer injuries related to sports and other physical activities. Weekend athletes, couch potatoes, chubby pooches and others are at special risk. Find out what the risk factors and what to do when your friend overextends.

  • Dog Friendships that Defy Nature

    In the wild, wolves and wild cats are known to steer clear of one another. However, it is possible for domesticated dogs and cats to form close bonds. Experts from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley give strategies to facilitate this unlikely friendship.



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