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  • The Main Causes of Doggy Depression, and What to Do About It

    Believe it or not, sometimes dogs get depressed. Here's what to do if that ever happens to your own pooch.

  • How to tell if your dog is healthy

    Dogs have a sneaky way of hiding their health issues. Here are a few ways to tell if your pooch is feeling under the weather.

  • Prepare your Dog For Guests

    The next time you have guests in town, make sure your pooch is on his best behavior with these easy suggestions.

  • How to Set Boundaries With Your Dog

    Setting boundaries doesn't mean you don't love your dog, but it's important to let her know who's boss. Here are the best ways to do so.

  • Lessons Learned From Presidential Dogs

    Whether a dog is in the White House or in your house, owners must tackle similar problems. Here are canine care and training tips based on lessons learned by U.S. presidents who owned one or more dogs.

  • Could a Veterinary Behaviorist Help Your Dog?

    Misbehaving mutts can be transformed into well-behaved and seemingly happier dogs thanks to therapy and medications. Could such a human-based approach help your pet?

  • Improve Your Dog's To-do List

    Create a mental rundown of your dog's daily schedule. Is it full of activity and mental stimulation, or is it a boring routine that might need fixing? Check out our makeovers, which can "give a life" to dogs that are stuck in a dull rut.

  • How Aggressive Is Your Canine?

    Using two extensive surveys, a research team has recently rated dogs based on their levels of aggression. Check where your dog might fall on the list and learn why determining canine aggression is an inexact science.

  • Measure Your Dog's Smarts

    Do you underestimate your dog's intelligence? Just because your pooch is a friendly, furry plaything doesn't mean it isn't brainy, according to experts. Take our tests to roughly determine your dog's IQ.

  • Teach Your Dog to Swim

    Discover how teaching man's best friend the doggie paddle can be lifesaving in the future (and even possibly land Rover a gig on ESPN).

  • Show Dog Skills for Any Mutt

    Even if your pet isn't a show dog superstar, it's the star of your show, and skills required for professional events can come in handy outside the ring. Our dog show training experts tell you why and how.

  • The Lonely Dog

    Is your dog home alone more than Macaulay Culkin? Here’s how to tell if your furry friend is lonely, and what you can do about it.

  • Rehabilitate Your Reactive Dog

    Is your dog reactive? If your buddy has trouble concentrating, misbehaves in public places and sometimes loses its cool, you might need to give it a little extra training TLC.

  • Get Connected With Your Dog

    Are you and your canine as connected as you could be? Dog trainer Brenda Aloff offers advice on understanding your dog.

  • Is Your Dog Becoming You?

    Everybody knows dogs that look like their owners. But these similarities may extend to behaviors and lifestyles, too. Your life may be rubbing off on your dog! Take our quiz to see just how much you and your dog are a match made in Heaven.

  • Is Virtual Fun in Your Dog's Future?

    One day, your dog could be sitting riveted in front of a monitor, playing a computer game. Hey, if it happened to us, it could happen to our pets, suggests a new study that demonstrates dogs can use specially adapted computers while simultaneously demonstrating their intelligence.

  • Amazing Stories of Lost and Found Dogs

    Pepito fell in love and wandered off. Terrified JoJo was stolen outside a grocery store. What do these “miracle dogs” have in common? They were lost and found.

  • Dog Feeding Mishaps Corrected

    Our pooches can experience a range of mealtime side effects such as indigestion, obesity and sickness. Here are quick fixes for nine common doggie dining dilemmas.

  • How to Succeed at Off-Leash Dog Play

    From special playgroups to dog parks, pet owners and their pooches are enjoying the exercise and socialization that "free" play provides. Risks, however, are involved. Here are tips to ensure a good time for all.

  • When Good Dogs Turn Bad

    A lovable canine temporarily turned "bad dog" may be acting out due to sickness or pain. Here, telltale signs of ailing pups and how to nip aggression in the bud.

  • Putting Your Pup Through Kinderpuppy

    Early doggie training, popularly called kinderpuppy, can be the most important education your pooch can receive. Give your little friend a place to learn the essentials, either through this type of program or a home-schooling plan taught by you.

  • Adopt a Mixed Breed or a Purebred?

    Are you a mixed-breed or purebred type of person? Your lifestyle and needs may be the determining factor in picking a pup.

  • Top 10 Dog Behavior Problems

    What are the 10 most common behavioral problems seen in dogs?

  • Teach Your Dog Self-control

    Why do some dogs seem to have more self-control than others? I've noticed that this is true no matter how much training a particular dog receives.

  • Make Car Travel Easy for Your Dog

    My dog used to never get carsick on rides, but now it repeatedly does. I haven't changed vehicles, so why is this occurring?

  • Do Dogs Get Revenge on Their Owners?

    My dog sometimes goes to the bathroom on the floor of my home when I am away from the house. Is it somehow trying to get revenge for being left alone?

  • The Harmful Effects Sugar Has on Dogs

    Can dogs get a sugar high, affecting their behavior, when they eat certain foods?

  • What Your Dog’s Biting Means

    What is bite inhibition in terms of dogs?

  • Can Dogs Detect Human Mealtime?

    Whenever I open a snack, even if I’m upstairs, my dog seems to know in a flash. Is my dog smelling or hearing what I’m doing?

  • Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

    What can I do to help my dog conquer its shyness?

  • What Makes a Dog Yawn?

    Do dogs yawn when we do? If so, why are they copying us?

  • Does Breeding Impact Dog Behavior?

    Have humans helped shape the personality of all dogs through breeding?

  • Small Dog Syndrome

    What is "small dog syndrome"? It sounds like something my feisty little Chihuahua has.

  • Best Sleep Position for Dogs

    My dog likes to sleep on its back. Is that normal, or is there a better position for dogs?

  • Stop Your Dog From Licking the Carpet

    My dog obsessively licks the carpet. What is causing this behavior?

  • What Your Dog’s Tail Is Trying to Tell You

    Why do dogs sometimes put their tails between their legs?

  • How to Stop Dog Begging

    My dog is such a beggar; it won't stop pestering me until I relent. How can I break my pet of this habit?

  • When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

    How can I tell if my dog is a senior? Are there any signs and behaviors that can clue me in to her aging process?

  • Safe Holiday Dog Toys

    My dog plays hard and wears out its toys quickly. What toys are safe -- and not so safe -- for dogs?

  • How to Stop Your Cairn Terrier From Chasing

    My cairn terrier always tries to chase cars, bikers and even joggers. Is there anything I can do to curb my dog's desire to run after anything that moves?

  • Dog Breeds for Cat Lovers

    Are you a cat-centric pet owner who’s looking to get a dog for the family? These dog breeds just may win you over.

  • Letting Your Dog Sleep on the Bed

    I love my Yorkshire terrier; it sleeps in my bed. My husband, however, complains that it moves around too much. How can I keep my dog in the bed and still keep the peace?

  • How to Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits Today

    My dog has turned into a counter-surfer, stealing food from my countertops whenever it can. What can I do to break this bad habit?

  • Keep Yourself and Your Dog Safe in the Car

    What do experts say is the safest way to bring dogs along on car rides? Should I only drive with my dog if necessary, such as when taking it to the vet?

  • Can a Dog Help Your Child Read?

    Did you know that trained dogs teach kids how to read? Learn how literacy dog programs around the world are helping human students.

  • Train Your Dog to Go Fetch

    On TV, I've seen dogs fetch sodas from the fridge for their owners. How can I train my dog to do this?

  • Take Your Dog to Work, Improve Productivity

    Did you know that bringing your dog to work improves productivity and decreases absenteeism? Find out how you, your pet and your employer can benefit from Take Your Dog to Work Day.

  • Dogs and Airplane Travel: A Deadly Mix?

    Surveys show that certain dog breeds are at greater risk of health threats during air travel than other canines. Learn if your dog is at heightened risk, and what to do if your pet must fly.

  • Understanding Your Dog’s Mealtime Behavior

    Why does my dog guard her food bowl, and what can I do to get her to stop?

  • Business Management -- the Dog Way

    If you want to succeed in business, pay attention to your dog. These business professionals share how to learn from your pets.

  • Canine Heroes

    Once rescued, the dog will never need to be rescued again. Imagine a world where every dog saved from a shelter lives that outcome.

  • Pregnant Dog Care

    Did you recently celebrate Mother's Day with friends or family? This should be a reminder that dog mothers deserve special attention too. Find out how to best support a dog mom-to-be.

  • Dog Scouts of America Rewards Canines

    Based on popular Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs for young adults, the Dog Scouts of America gives canines a chance to earn merit badges and more.

  • Teaching Your Dog Commands

    I recently read about a border collie that comprehends more than 1,000 words. My Labrador retriever understands a handful of basic words, such as its name, my husband's name, "come" and "no." How can I teach it more?

  • Can Dogs Have Spiritual Experiences?

    A prominent neurologist believes dogs may have out-of-body experiences and other sensations that are associated with human spirituality.

  • Special Needs Dogs Hit the Road

    If you're traveling with a special needs dog, you may be surprised at how little difference there is than a dog in perfect health.

  • Personal Assistants … for Dogs?

    Manny Apolonio is a personal assistant, but you won’t find him working with celebrities or high-profile individuals. Apolonio is parlaying his expertise with people to dogs and their often surprising, specialized needs.

  • The Reason Behind a Barking Dog

    My dog barks like crazy at our local mail carrier but doesn’t bark as much at other strangers who come by the house. Why do some dogs seem to loathe mail carriers?

  • Keep Your Dog Safe From Starting Fires

    New data reveals that pets start nearly 1,000 fires each year. Make sure your dog doesn’t wind up in these statistics.

  • How Dogs React to Human Infants

    From sensing pregnancy to becoming jealous when baby arrives, dogs often have intense reactions to human infants. Here’s how to handle your growing family.

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    How are your dog park etiquette skills? Follow along with our experts to see how well you would deal with common dog park issues.

  • Fashion for Paws Model Shares Dog Runway Tips

    Dr. Katy J. Nelson is an emergency veterinarian by day, but she also struts her stuff for charity. Nelson shares what it takes for your dog to be a dog fashion runway star.

  • How to Prevent Dog Bites

    It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week. Want to safeguard yourself and your dog while also preventing your own toothy friend from misbehaving?

  • Active Lives of Disabled Dogs

    In honor of National Disabled Pets Day, learn about physically challenged dogs that are beating the odds thanks to good care, technology and a positive spirit.

  • Read Your Dog’s Body Language

    Bowing, tight lips, direct stares and circular tail wags all hold meaning in the dog world. What messages do these and other visual signals convey?

  • The Moral Life of Dogs

    Dogs exhibit fairness, empathy, trust and other behaviors that we consider to be moral. But is there a moral gap between humans and canines?

  • Signs of Illness in Your Dog

    What exactly does dog illness look like? These warning signs could signify potential health problems, and they can help you help your dog stay healthy.

  • Are Dogs Like Human 2-year-olds?

    Is your pet truly comparable to a human youth? New research shows dogs may share some qualities with 2-year-old children.

  • Katrina Victim Finally Reunited With His Dog

    Four years after Hurricane Katrina hit, a New Orleans resident reunited with his dog, JJ -- but only after an arduous legal battle.

  • Do Dogs Ever Feel Guilty?

    Dog owners are all too familiar with that "guilty look" your pup gives you. But what's really behind those sad puppy eyes?

  • Dog Grass-grazing

    You may not be the only one mowing your lawn this summer: Dogs cut down grass too, eating it on occasion. Is this potentially harmful to them?

  • Vacation Safely With Your Dog

    Going on vacation doesn't have to mean boarding your dog. With these easy ideas, a pet-friendly trip can provide long-lasting memories.

  • Your Puppy's Firsts

    Introducing your new puppy to parks, cars, dogs and other people is a big step. Make sure you have enough loving time, patience...and that you follow our experts' advice.

  • Dog Park Safety

    Puppy playtime isn't always a walk in the dog park. One canine expert shares her story and warns about dog park dangers that can affect your pup and you.

  • Hidden Health Dangers of Dog Tail Chasing

    A surprising new study has linked high cholesterol to dogs with compulsive behaviors, like tail chasing. What's really to blame?

  • Dog Bathroom Antics Explained

    Butt scooting, leg lifting and fire hydrant obsessions all turn out to have deeper meanings for dogs. We've demystified common bathroom-related dog behaviors.

  • Is It a Good Batch or a Bad Batch?

    Ever wonder why your dog suddenly dislikes a meal it enjoyed last week? Here's what every owner should know about dog food recipes.

  • Dog Walking Mystery Solved

    How does your dog walk? Surprisingly, most of us, including experts, don't know. A new study sets the record straight.

  • The Health Clues in Your Dog's Behavior

    Think your dog has an attitude problem? The problem may actually lie in your pup's health, not its outward disposition.

  • A Tale of Two Species

    If bonding with your canine bud is a challenge, here are the best techniques on how to bridge the two species' gap.

  • A Dog Howling Primer

    If you've ever come home to the howls of your dog, you're not alone. We'll tell you the meaning behind the noise -- and how to stop it.

  • Teens Teach Kids About Dog Training

    Dog training is kid's play, suggests a new book written by two high school sophomores. What can you learn from these young canine-savvy instructors?

  • A Dog-centric Look Back at 2008

    Health habits, spending, food choices and more are always changing. Are you following the doggy trends?

  • Tis' the Season...for Dog Depression

    Dogs seem to experience mood swings during winter, but are they just mirroring our feelings? Get the facts and how to prevent dog depression.

  • Dog Summer Bummer Diseases

    Memories of summertime outings with your dog could soon sour if a debilitating and possibly life-threatening disease enters the picture.

  • Your Dog's Secret Surveillance

    Put that razor away! Your dog's furry, whiskered face probably looks like it could use a shave -- but that tiny "beard" under the hair can actually benefit your pooch.

  • Anger Management for Your Dog

    Sometimes your pooch may growl or act unusually aggressive, but don't despair. It's not anger management class that your dog needs, but a reminder of who's the boss.

  • Dog Friendships that Defy Nature

    In the wild, wolves and wild cats are known to steer clear of one another. However, it is possible for domesticated dogs and cats to form close bonds. Experts from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley give strategies to facilitate this unlikely friendship.



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