I met Hope (at the time named Betty)when she was 3 weeks old while working at the Humane Society. She was a surrender with a litter of 5 pups altogether(all females) and the mother her name was Iris. The owner had been just letting all the pups run around and they were neglected. They came in with an additional litter of pups the owner said there was originally 15 but he could only find 5 when we went to pick them up. One of them his name is Cajun is about 75% blind. We called the young pups the Golden Girls. I immediately fell in love with (Betty) now Hope, she was chubby and fluffy, she liked to sleep in her food bowl. We were all unsure of what the outcome would be cause she was born blind, and with deformities of her eyes and at the time of 3 weeks old her head was oddly shaped so the vet had told us to watch her and the way she acts because it was possible she could have brain damage on top of being blind. The shelter managers wanted me to remain realistic about possibilities of having to put her down, but I was determined and kept hoping she would progress normally! I was also told if I hadn't shown interest so early on they may have just put her down because of the doubt she would be able to progress normally. I worked with her daily to watch her progress, and she made a lot of it! She started to become more outgoing and playful. At 9 weeks old Hope had surgery- a double enucleation to have both of her eyes removed because they were causing her discomfort and pain. Well at 11 weeks old Hope is happy and healthy and so playful! She just had her stitches from surgery removed yesterday 05/31/2012 She may not have eyes but she makes you believe she can see! She gets around so well! I also have a german shepard and a jack russell terrier that have helped her to learn her way around the home. Hope is so brave! At such a young age she has over come such a huge obstacle and continues to make incredible progress!!

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