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The Best Time of Day to Walk Your Dog

By Jessica Bush

The Best Time of Day to Walk Your Dog

There are many factors that go into what time of day you walk your dog -- the weather, your age, your dog’s age, your neighborhood, your work schedule and more. With all of these considerations, how’s a pet parent to know the best time of day to walk a dog?

It’s quite simple, actually. The best time is when you have enough time!

Dog walks should be relaxing. Everyone knows a dog can instantly detect tension. Your time spent outdoors with your pet on leash should be no exception. Setting aside a minimum of 20 minutes a few times a week could do wonders for almost anyone.

But maybe your daily dance card stays jam-packed and you can’t imagine squeezing in even a short break. If so, consider replacing something in your weekly routine with a stroll. One of the great things about dogs is how they always have time for us. Now, you have the opportunity to do the same for your dog.

Jessica Bush is a pet blogger and pet enthusiast located in Birmingham, Ala.

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