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Is there a fast way that I can test my dog\'s IQ?

Is there a fast way that I can test my dog's IQ?

BY: The Dog Daily Expert

The short answer is yes, but before I get into that, it's important to think about what intelligence in any animal actually is and how it develops. Like all behaviors and attributes, intelligence appears to be a component of genetic, environmental and day-to-day factors. Your dog therefore has inherited some of its braininess from its relatives, just as you have. But its smarts are also a reflection of how stimulating its environment is, how much education/training it has received and how much stress is in its life. Intelligence is also hard to quantify outside of rigid scientific and medical tests. Your dog may be brilliant at coming up with creative solutions to problems or at making surprising connections, like an artistic human may be. This skill isn't always necessarily reflected in IQ scores. With that background in mind, many experts suggest trying the following: Have your dog stand and then place a small, lightweight blanket over its head covering the eyes. "Smart" dogs usually figure out how to remove the blanket in less than 15 seconds.

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