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Are greyhounds a good breed for adoption?

Are greyhounds a good breed for adoption?

The greyhound is a wonderful choice of breed to adopt into your family. Greyhounds are bred to race at high speeds, and once they are retired from the track, the dogs need to find forever homes. There are organizations that take in the ex-racers and help to place them. Lisa Sallie, the president of Grateful Greyhounds, says, “Greyhounds make a great companion dog, regardless if you are an active family or a retired couple looking for a pal.”

In terms of their demeanor, greyhounds are calm and relaxed, and they enjoy going for walks and a run around a fenced in yard to stretch their legs. “They are a mellow breed, and more often than not are found sound asleep on the couch,” said Sallie. The breed is also very good around children, which makes greyhounds a great choice for a family.

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An important fact for potential owners to know is that the greyhound is a sight hound. “That means that the dog needs to be on lead at all times unless in a fenced in area,” says Sallie. “If the greyhound sees a rabbit or something that catches her interest, it will be natural for the hound to investigate.”

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