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Why is establishing a routine so important for dogs, and how does it help with training?

Why is establishing a routine so important for dogs, and how does it help with training?

BY: The Dog Daily Expert

Even though most of us know routines can be comforting to canines, I think many pet owners, including seasoned dog aficionados, don’t fully understand just how important routines are for dogs.

Kate Delano Condax explains the matter in her classic book, 101 Training Tips for Your Dog: Learn the Experts Way to a Happy Well-Behaved Pet. First of all, the essence of canine happiness is in expectation. You feed your dog at the same times each day, so your furry pal anticipates those moments, looks forward to them and, conversely, will feel disappointment if the food isn’t there on time. As Condax explains, such pleasant routines prevent anxiety in dogs and build reassurance in them.

Routine tells your dog that there is security, logic and order to life with you. If you get off the schedule for a day or two, your dog can handle that, of course. But even then, you should offer verbal praise and a head pat or two to enforce reassurance.

At the root of all good training programs are trust, logic and order. I fully agree with Condax when she mentions, “Routine is the beginning of establishing a language between you and your dog. It lays the groundwork for the next stage, which is training.”

Maintain routine throughout the entire life of your dog. Although canines, like people, enjoy a little excitement now and then to help prevent boredom, you’ll have a happier, more relaxed dog if its expectations of your good care are regularly met.

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