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My dog is well-trained, but he does misbehave from time to time. How can I quickly get it to stop?

Mischief in your view probably means something else to your dog. Canines are inquisitive by nature, so when your dog is "misbehaving," he's probably just being stimulated by some intriguing sight, smell, taste or sound. If you swear and yell, your dog will probably think you are the one who is having some kind of behavior breakdown. When you need to redirect your dog's attention, call its name firmly and loudly to bring your pet's focus back to you. Next, give out a command that your dog understands, such as "stay" or "sit." Offer a head rub and a treat when your dog follows this command. Over time, your dog may start to anticipate the reward, behaving properly before you even consider a scolding.

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