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Can the breed of a dog affect the way it plays with me?

Can the breed of a dog affect the way it plays with me?

BY: The Dog Daily Expert

Breeding can determine and enhance behavioral characteristics in dogs, so some canines are better than others at activities for work or for play. The American Kennel Club recognizes over 150 breeds, so there are plenty of choices. For example, Labrador retrievers, also called "gun dogs," often accompanied hunters and retrieved their prey. If you'd like to play Frisbee and tennis-ball chase with your pet, any retriever breed would be a good companion. On the other hand, breeding can sometimes rule out activities for dogs that just aren't physically up to the necessary demands. While exceptions always exist, dogs bred to be hefty and with short legs, such as basset hounds and English bulldogs, tend to be poor swimmers. But these dogs are also often experts at retrieving toys, possess a keen sense of smell and do well around children. A toss game with a toy that smells like meat would therefore prove to be a better pastime than a dunk in the pool with these breeds.

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