dog nutrition


  • From Finicky Fido to Chowhound Charlie

    Discover how your dog uses its five senses to experience flavor, and how to make even the pickiest eater go bananas over dinner.

  • Dog Food Goes Natural and Holistic

    New dog food recipes are being formulated with your dog's health in mind, helping dogs stay healthy from the inside out.

  • The Best Meat Meal for Your Dog

    Dog food features a variety of meat options, such as chicken, beef and lamb. But are there nutritional differences, and is one particular meat better for your pet than others?

  • New Supplement Can Help Your Dog’s Digestion

    With a simple dietary supplement, you can help maintain your dog's digestive balance and prevent diarrhea.

  • How to Care for Your Sensitive-skin Dog

    Dogs with sensitive skin require some extra care during mealtime. Feed your dog in ways that will promote coat health and satisfy your pet's hunger and cravings.

  • Top Benefits of Senior Dog Food

    Eight is the new 5 for dogs. Find out how senior dog food is helping adult dogs live longer, more productive lives.

  • How You and Your Dog Can Go Green

    Sustainability is the buzzword in the pet food industry now, with decisions affecting everything from ingredients to packaging.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your dog's wellness in this plan? Ensure your dog's good health by following these recommendations.

  • Nutrition Essentials for Sporting Dogs

    Does your dog work and play hard? If so, it needs proper fuel to look, perform and feel its best.

  • Healthy Nutrition for Your Senior Dog

    Foods for active, senior canines can promote healthy digestion and help improve immune response, all while fueling your dog's busy day.

  • Dog Food: Then and Now

    Dog food has certainly changed over the years. We look back at the first dog foods, tracing their evolution to today's modern products.

  • Can New Dog Feeders Help Solve Mealtime Problems?

    We look at some of the newest feeders, from slow-down bowls to double-duty Store-N-Feed, to see if they live up to their claims.

  • How to Feed Your Ingredient-sensitive Dog

    Up to twenty-five percent of all dogs suffer from ingredient sensitivities. Now, thanks to new pet food formulations, even such sensitive dogs can enjoy their supper.

  • Organizations That Feed Dogs When Owners Can’t

    Save Our Pets Food Bank, Florida’s Animal Pantry and other organizations help to feed the dogs of owners facing economic and health challenges.

  • 9 Key Ingredients That Nourish Growing Puppies

    High-quality puppy food contains premium ingredients. Here are nine that will help your pup to grow up strong and healthy.

  • Does Your Dog Food Meet AAFCO Standards?

    Learn how to read analysis charts posted by pet food manufacturers to see if your dog's food merits the Association of American Feed Control Officials seal of approval.

  • How to Select Dog Food

    A recent survey shows how Americans choose dog food, and as it turns out, most of us need to change our selection criteria.

  • Benefits of DHA for Your Growing Puppy

    Puppies naturally produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but they may benefit from having this omega-3 fatty acid in their food. Find out why.

  • Dog Food That Maintains Healthy Digestion

    Ingredients in your dog’s food may be the simple solution to its digestive issues. Veterinarians share the best diet tips for healthy digestion.

  • Top Feeding Tips From Dog Owners

    Mealtime for dogs doesn’t just have to be about the food: It can also be a special time for you and your pet. Here are tips from owners on making mealtime memorable for everyone.

  • Your Dog’s Unique Nutritional Needs

    Before making your next dog food purchase, use our checklist to determine if you’re meeting your dog’s particular nutritional needs.

  • Control Your Dog’s Weight With Food

    Do you worry that your dog is too chubby -- or too skinny? Here’s how weight management dog foods can help your dog reach and maintain its proper weight.

  • Help Your Dog Go Green at Mealtime

    Are you actively “green” or looking to become more eco-friendly? Make a positive impact on the environment, starting with your dog’s food and its packaging.

  • What Not to Feed Your Dog

    Certain ingredients and types of foods can actually do more harm than good to your dog. Find out what you should not feed your pet, from a health perspective.

  • 7 Food Ingredients for Your Dog’s Health

    Some dog foods are now specially formulated to protect your dog against common health problems.

  • Dog Food Ingredients: The 4 Essential Groups

    Protein from meat is always a dog favorite. But can you guess what the other key ingredient groups are in quality natural dog foods?

  • Weight Control Dog Foods Evaluated

    A new study has found that weight control foods for dogs vary widely, both in calories and price. Learn what to look for and why “lite,” “light” and “low calorie” aren’t always what they seem.

  • Whet Your Dog’s Appetite With Wet Food

    The term “canned dog food” is all wet: Thanks to new flavors, additions and recipes, many manufacturers now prefer the phrase “wet dog food.” Which of the new products are best for your pet?

  • Is Your “Natural” Dog Food Truly Natural?

    Many dog foods claim to be “natural,” but some products merit that description more than others. This guide will help you find the right pet food for your dog.

  • Vitamins and Minerals Your Dog Needs

    Vitamins and minerals may be the key to helping your dog stay in optimal condition and starting the new year on a good health note.

  • Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

    You and your dog both need physical activity to prevent obesity, so why not exercise together? Veterinarian Susan Nelson shares tips for the perfect owner-dog workout.

  • Improve Your Dog’s Appearance With Good Nutrition

    Do you want your dog to have a shiny coat, sturdy nails, good posture and more? The key may be its diet.

  • "Natural" Dog Food Explained

    Did you know that food control officials monitor use of the word "natural" on labels? Here's what to expect when buying natural dog food for your pet.

  • Support Your Puppy's Growth With Proper Nutrition

    Selecting the right food for your puppy can help to ensure years of good health, since this life stage is your dog's most formative. Look for these ingredients.

  • Put Your Dog Food to the Test

    Is your dog getting all of the nutrition it should, along with quality, mouthwatering ingredients? The answer may surprise you.

  • Sauce up Your Dog's Food and Life

    Dogs like a little gravy on their meals, just like you do on yours. But puppy seasonings and sauces are good for more than just adding flavor.

  • Seven Indicators of Dog Food Quality

    Is the dog food you're buying helping or hurting your pup? The answer may lie in you pup's appearance.

  • Why All Proteins Aren't the Same

    Your mother used to advise you to get your nutrients, and now your pup needs similar guidance. Discover the importance of protein in your dog's diet, and why some types are healthier than others.

  • Support Your Puppy's Growth

    What and how you feed your puppy can make all of the difference in your pet's life now and even later as it graduates to adult dog food. Here's what the perfect puppy chow should contain, along with tips on making the most of your pup's mealtime.

  • Nine Beneficial Dog Food Ingredients

    New research on foods that promote canine vitality and longevity suggests that eggs, carrots and even apples can contribute to a healthy dog's diet. Learn about these, and other ingredients, and why Mother Nature might be behind the new dog food formulations.

  • Pop Quiz: Is Your Dog Eating Properly?

    Are you feeding your dog the right kind of food? Keep your canine fit and svelte with expert chow advice from veterinarian Trisha Joyce.

  • Do French Dogs Get Fat?

    A popular book claims French Women Don't Get Fat, but what about their dogs and the dogs of other cultures outside of the U.S.? Learn if feeding habits differ country by country, and if vive la difference holds true for pooches as well as people.


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