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  • Should You Train With a Head Halter?

    A trainer suggested that I get a head halter for my dog. How does this device help me and my dog?

  • Apps for Dogs

    Virtual games for pets, such as apps for smartphones, often seem to target cat owners. Are there any games that my dog could enjoy?

  • Feng Shui … For Dogs

    Is there really feng shui for dogs? If so, how might it influence a dog's behavior?

  • Safe Holiday Dog Toys

    My dog plays hard and wears out its toys quickly. What toys are safe -- and not so safe -- for dogs?

  • Benefits of DHA for Your Growing Puppy

    Puppies naturally produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but they may benefit from having this omega-3 fatty acid in their food. Find out why.

  • Are Tick and Flea Control Products Safe?

    The EPA recently announced that it has developed stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick products for your dog. If the EPA is worried, should you be too?

  • Fashion for Paws Model Shares Dog Runway Tips

    Dr. Katy J. Nelson is an emergency veterinarian by day, but she also struts her stuff for charity. Nelson shares what it takes for your dog to be a dog fashion runway star.

  • Dog Product Trends for 2010

    The pet industry’s largest trade show takes place later this month. We’ve got a sneak peek of some of this year’s hottest dog toys and other products.

  • Give the Gift of Food and Supplies to Shelters

    'Tis the season for giving, so why not lend your holiday spirit to animal shelters in need of food, other supplies and your time?

  • Miss Fido Manners’ Guide to Dog Holiday Etiquette

    Pet expert Charlotte Reed, aka Miss Fido Manners, shares all you need to know about proper do’s and don’ts for well-behaved dogs this coming holiday season.

  • Go Green for Your Dog's Health

    Are you living an eco-friendly lifestyle? The benefits of going green for you and your pet may surprise you.

  • Digital Device Applications for Dog Owners

    Before you run out to get the hot new dog toy or training device, reach into your pocket. Dog toys and breed guides can now be found in the palm of your hand.

  • Innovation Showcased at New Pet Hospital

    Elevators for four-leggers, a dental suite and a "kibble kitchen" with foods for ailing dogs are just a few of the many comforts awaiting patients at San Francisco's new Animal Care Center.

  • Dog Walking Mystery Solved

    How does your dog walk? Surprisingly, most of us, including experts, don't know. A new study sets the record straight.

  • The Pooch Wears Prada: Canine Fashion

    From Ralph Lauren to Juicy Couture, dog clothing is becoming more stylish and commonplace. But is the trend more about human-pleasing fashion than function?

  • A Dog-centric Look Back at 2008

    Health habits, spending, food choices and more are always changing. Are you following the doggy trends?

  • Twelve Days of Dog Holiday Gifting

    What's better than one day of holiday gifting? Twelve! Here are a dozen of new, innovative toys and products you can proudly present to your deserving dog.

  • How to Throw a Pooch Party

    From barkbeques to birthdog parties, canine-centric celebrations are all the rage. Here's how to plan, what to serve, and most important, the best way to enjoy a fun-filled fiesta.

  • Faux Fidos Mimic Real Dog Behavior

    New, high-tech robotic dogs seem to function like real canines -- but could a fake Fido ever replace the real thing?

  • Lassie Come Home with High Tech?

    From global positioning systems to new microchips, technology promises an end to lost dog posters. But how well do these high-tech devices really deliver? Here, we weigh the pros and cons of each, and help determine which one is best for your pup's personality.


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