dog care


  • The Main Causes of Doggy Depression, and What to Do About It

    Believe it or not, sometimes dogs get depressed. Here's what to do if that ever happens to your own pooch.

  • How to Set Boundaries With Your Dog

    Setting boundaries doesn't mean you don't love your dog, but it's important to let her know who's boss. Here are the best ways to do so.

  • Could a Veterinary Behaviorist Help Your Dog?

    Misbehaving mutts can be transformed into well-behaved and seemingly happier dogs thanks to therapy and medications. Could such a human-based approach help your pet?

  • Improve Your Dog's To-do List

    Create a mental rundown of your dog's daily schedule. Is it full of activity and mental stimulation, or is it a boring routine that might need fixing? Check out our makeovers, which can "give a life" to dogs that are stuck in a dull rut.

  • How Aggressive Is Your Canine?

    Using two extensive surveys, a research team has recently rated dogs based on their levels of aggression. Check where your dog might fall on the list and learn why determining canine aggression is an inexact science.

  • Measure Your Dog's Smarts

    Do you underestimate your dog's intelligence? Just because your pooch is a friendly, furry plaything doesn't mean it isn't brainy, according to experts. Take our tests to roughly determine your dog's IQ.

  • The Lonely Dog

    Is your dog home alone more than Macaulay Culkin? Here’s how to tell if your furry friend is lonely, and what you can do about it.

  • Find Out Your Mutt's Family Tree

    Even if your beloved canine is a full-fledged mutt, there's hope of finding its lineage through DNA testing options.

  • Rehabilitate Your Reactive Dog

    Is your dog reactive? If your buddy has trouble concentrating, misbehaves in public places and sometimes loses its cool, you might need to give it a little extra training TLC.

  • How to best bond with your new dog

    Bringing home a new dog is a big decision. Once your furry friend has finally arrived, here are the best ways to bond with her so you become best friends fast.

  • Avoid a Canine Custody Battle

    It's all too common: You and someone special buy a dog together and then decide to go your separate ways. But how do you decide who keeps Fido?

  • Get Connected With Your Dog

    Are you and your canine as connected as you could be? Dog trainer Brenda Aloff offers advice on understanding your dog.

  • Amazing Stories of Lost and Found Dogs

    Pepito fell in love and wandered off. Terrified JoJo was stolen outside a grocery store. What do these “miracle dogs” have in common? They were lost and found.

  • Benefits of Owning a Senior Pet

    Older dogs can anticipate our needs, provide unconditional love, share their unique wisdom and provide unmatched loyalty and devotion.

  • From Finicky Fido to Chowhound Charlie

    Discover how your dog uses its five senses to experience flavor, and how to make even the pickiest eater go bananas over dinner.

  • Putting Your Pup Through Kinderpuppy

    Early doggie training, popularly called kinderpuppy, can be the most important education your pooch can receive. Give your little friend a place to learn the essentials, either through this type of program or a home-schooling plan taught by you.

  • How to Prevent 5 Common Dog Illnesses

    As the axiom goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are tips to prevent some of the most common dog health problems.

  • Global Dog Food Market Trends

    Do dog owners in Europe look for the same qualities in dog food as canine fans in Vietnam? Analysts weigh in on worldwide pet food trends.

  • Dog-friendly Games for the Whole Family

    I’m looking for a fun outdoor activity that my entire family -- including my very active dog -- can enjoy together. Any ideas?

  • Lost-dog Recovery Service

    Finding a missing dog is now easier with the click of your mouse. Here's how to safeguard your pup, whether it's lost or found.

  • Adopt a Mixed Breed or a Purebred?

    Are you a mixed-breed or purebred type of person? Your lifestyle and needs may be the determining factor in picking a pup.

  • Size up Your Dog's Food Needs

    How big or small is your dog's breed? From toy to jumbo, size matters when selecting its nourishment.

  • How to Manage Your Dog’s Health Care

    A new survey shows that the recession has affected dog care. Advance planning can help you save money and provide proper medical support for your pet.

  • Spring 2012 Flea and Tick Care for Dogs

    Fleas and ticks are out in force during the spring. Here are some of the latest products and techniques for dealing with these pesky and often dangerous parasites.

  • Make Car Travel Easy for Your Dog

    My dog used to never get carsick on rides, but now it repeatedly does. I haven't changed vehicles, so why is this occurring?

  • What Snoring Says About Your Dog’s Health

    Does your dog snore when snoozing? If so, that can alert you to certain health problems.

  • New Supplement Can Help Your Dog’s Digestion

    With a simple dietary supplement, you can help maintain your dog's digestive balance and prevent diarrhea.

  • Could You Recognize Dog Flu?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued new dog-flu guidelines that help answer important questions about this emerging canine disease.

  • Boost Your Dog’s Confidence

    What can I do to help my dog conquer its shyness?

  • Are You Protecting Your Dog’s Health?

    Are you doing all that you can to safeguard your dog's health? Take our quiz to find out.

  • The Dog Connection to Dating and Romance

    "Must love dogs" is a phrase frequently seen in personal ads. But can dogs really help their humans find Mr. or Ms. Right?

  • Can a Pain Management Center Help Your Dog?

    Is your dog suffering from pain due to injury, age or illness? Veterinary centers specializing in treating your dog's aches and pains may be able to help.

  • The Benefits of Joining a Dog Social Group

    Meet local dog owners and lovers by joining or forming a dog-focused social group.

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy in 2012

    If you made health resolutions for the new year, why not include your dog's wellness in this plan? Ensure your dog's good health by following these recommendations.

  • Feng Shui … For Dogs

    Is there really feng shui for dogs? If so, how might it influence a dog's behavior?

  • When Is a Dog Considered a Senior?

    How can I tell if my dog is a senior? Are there any signs and behaviors that can clue me in to her aging process?

  • Volunteers Who Make a Difference for Dogs

    Meet volunteers who are helping to improve the lives of dogs in their communities.

  • New Health Trend: Dog Fitness Centers

    A new Orlando, Fla., fitness center for dogs offers aromatherapy, massage, aqua therapy and other services. Could this growing trend benefit your dog's health?

  • Healthy Nutrition for Your Senior Dog

    Foods for active, senior canines can promote healthy digestion and help improve immune response, all while fueling your dog's busy day.

  • Housekeepers and Dog Safety

    I'm considering hiring a housekeeper, but I'm also concerned about how my dog will react when I'm not at home with them. What can I do to keep them both safe and unstressed?

  • Top 5 Ways to Improve Life for Your Senior Dog

    Aging is inevitable, but it needn't diminish your dog's quality of life. Here are five ways to make the most out of your pet's senior years.

  • Dog Breeds for Cat Lovers

    Are you a cat-centric pet owner who’s looking to get a dog for the family? These dog breeds just may win you over.

  • Dog ‘Breast Cancer’: Mammary Disease

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when we support those affected by the disease. But did you know that dogs can suffer from something very similar to human breast cancer -- and that it can be just as serious?

  • Preparing for a New Puppy

    From the first exciting adjustments to training and health care, we'll help you to get your home -- and yourself -- ready for a new puppy.

  • Keep Yourself and Your Dog Safe in the Car

    What do experts say is the safest way to bring dogs along on car rides? Should I only drive with my dog if necessary, such as when taking it to the vet?

  • Top 10 $1,000 Dog Health Insurance Claims

    Find out which top 10 pet medical conditions cost dog owners $1,000 or more.

  • How to Feed Your Ingredient-sensitive Dog

    Up to twenty-five percent of all dogs suffer from ingredient sensitivities. Now, thanks to new pet food formulations, even such sensitive dogs can enjoy their supper.

  • Protect Your Dog From a Deadly Summer Virus

    Parvovirus, a deadly bug that can affect any dog, can be particularly troublesome in summer, when canines are more active outdoors. Find out how to protect your pet.

  • Train Your Dog to Go Fetch

    On TV, I've seen dogs fetch sodas from the fridge for their owners. How can I train my dog to do this?

  • Organizations That Feed Dogs When Owners Can’t

    Save Our Pets Food Bank, Florida’s Animal Pantry and other organizations help to feed the dogs of owners facing economic and health challenges.

  • Take Your Dog to Work, Improve Productivity

    Did you know that bringing your dog to work improves productivity and decreases absenteeism? Find out how you, your pet and your employer can benefit from Take Your Dog to Work Day.

  • Dogs and Airplane Travel: A Deadly Mix?

    Surveys show that certain dog breeds are at greater risk of health threats during air travel than other canines. Learn if your dog is at heightened risk, and what to do if your pet must fly.

  • Summer Safety for Dogs

    Now that it's summer, I'd like to take my water-loving dog on a boating trip. What should I do to make sure he stays safe?

  • 9 Key Ingredients That Nourish Growing Puppies

    High-quality puppy food contains premium ingredients. Here are nine that will help your pup to grow up strong and healthy.

  • Understanding Your Dog’s Mealtime Behavior

    Why does my dog guard her food bowl, and what can I do to get her to stop?

  • How to Determine a Dog’s Strength

    Is it true that you can predict how strong a dog is just by looking at its head? If so, how can that be possible?

  • Pregnant Dog Care

    Did you recently celebrate Mother's Day with friends or family? This should be a reminder that dog mothers deserve special attention too. Find out how to best support a dog mom-to-be.

  • Does Your Dog Food Meet AAFCO Standards?

    Learn how to read analysis charts posted by pet food manufacturers to see if your dog's food merits the Association of American Feed Control Officials seal of approval.

  • Dog Scouts of America Rewards Canines

    Based on popular Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs for young adults, the Dog Scouts of America gives canines a chance to earn merit badges and more.

  • Teaching Your Dog Commands

    I recently read about a border collie that comprehends more than 1,000 words. My Labrador retriever understands a handful of basic words, such as its name, my husband's name, "come" and "no." How can I teach it more?

  • Who Works at Your Dog’s Veterinary Office?

    Do you know the difference between a veterinarian, a veterinary assistant and a veterinary technician? All of these individuals, and more, may work at your local vet's office.

  • How to Select Dog Food

    A recent survey shows how Americans choose dog food, and as it turns out, most of us need to change our selection criteria.

  • Can Dogs Have Spiritual Experiences?

    A prominent neurologist believes dogs may have out-of-body experiences and other sensations that are associated with human spirituality.

  • Fight Dog Cancer

    Meet dogs that, with the help of their vets and owners, fought cancer -- and won.

  • Special Needs Dogs Hit the Road

    If you're traveling with a special needs dog, you may be surprised at how little difference there is than a dog in perfect health.

  • Benefits of DHA for Your Growing Puppy

    Puppies naturally produce DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), but they may benefit from having this omega-3 fatty acid in their food. Find out why.

  • Personal Assistants … for Dogs?

    Manny Apolonio is a personal assistant, but you won’t find him working with celebrities or high-profile individuals. Apolonio is parlaying his expertise with people to dogs and their often surprising, specialized needs.

  • Protect Your Dog’s Teeth From Disease

    In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, veterinarians share tips on improving your dog's "smile" while also preventing tooth decay, gum disease and other periodontal ailments.

  • Dog Food Ingredients for Good Health

    Dog food with just the right balance of a special ingredient can literally make your dog shine with the glow of good health.

  • How to Prepare Your Dog for Playgroup

    I’m considering taking my dog to regular playgroup sessions so it can enjoy socializing with other dogs. What should I expect, and should I prepare my pet in any way?

  • Big Benefits of Small-dog Day Care

    Small-dog day care and boarding facilities provide small breeds with benefits that range from consistent care to comfortable surroundings.

  • Veterinary Trend: Dog-only Clinics

    Some veterinarians are now working in or opening dog-only clinics. Here are the benefits and values of these clinics that you should consider.

  • Dog Food That Maintains Healthy Digestion

    Ingredients in your dog’s food may be the simple solution to its digestive issues. Veterinarians share the best diet tips for healthy digestion.

  • Top 6 New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners

    New and longtime dog owners often overlook their pets when making new year’s resolution. This year, try these changes that will benefit your dog.

  • Adopt Your Perfect Dog This Holiday Season

    Looking to adopt a dog this holiday season? ASPCA's Meet Your Match program, Iams' Home 4 the Holidays and other pet adoption campaigns are here to help.

  • Top Feeding Tips From Dog Owners

    Mealtime for dogs doesn’t just have to be about the food: It can also be a special time for you and your pet. Here are tips from owners on making mealtime memorable for everyone.

  • Top 10 Human Medications That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Accidentally leaving out pills in your dog’s reach can be more harmful than you think. Here are the top 10 human medications the Pet Poison Helpline says can harm your dog.

  • How ‘Adopt a Senior Pet’ Month Is Saving Lives

    Elderly yet active and lovable dogs need homes too. Celebrate Adopt a Senior Pet Month and start helping today.

  • High-Maintenance Hounds Abound at National Dog Show

    Backstage in Philadelphia last weekend was a mixture of the glamorous and the mundane as the dogs got ready for "showtime."

  • Your Dog’s Unique Nutritional Needs

    Before making your next dog food purchase, use our checklist to determine if you’re meeting your dog’s particular nutritional needs.

  • Are You a Dog Person?

    Are some individuals really dog people, versus cat people? If so, what traits do they possess?

  • Diabetes in Dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

    November is Pet Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a common canine disease, so watch out for these symptoms in your dog.

  • Help Shelter Dogs Even If You Can’t Adopt

    From shooting photos and videos to sponsoring dogs in need, you can help shelter dogs even if you are allergic to pets or your house is already full of canines.

  • Control Your Dog’s Weight With Food

    Do you worry that your dog is too chubby -- or too skinny? Here’s how weight management dog foods can help your dog reach and maintain its proper weight.

  • Veterinary Care at Your Doorstep

    If you’re the typical multitasking dog owner with limited time, why drive to the vet when the vet can drive to you?

  • National Dog Week Celebrations

    Around the country, dog owners and their pets will celebrate National Dog Week this week. Here’s how to make this a special week for your canine.

  • Help Your Dog Go Green at Mealtime

    Are you actively “green” or looking to become more eco-friendly? Make a positive impact on the environment, starting with your dog’s food and its packaging.

  • Keep Your Dog Safe From Starting Fires

    New data reveals that pets start nearly 1,000 fires each year. Make sure your dog doesn’t wind up in these statistics.

  • Identifying Vet-worthy Dog Health Problems

    The Internet and other resources can help in diagnosing dog health problems, but when is a vet visit the only answer?

  • What Not to Feed Your Dog

    Certain ingredients and types of foods can actually do more harm than good to your dog. Find out what you should not feed your pet, from a health perspective.

  • National Dog Day Do’s and Don’ts

    National Dog Day, which celebrates dogs of all breeds, is coming up. Here’s how to celebrate and care for your dog on this day and always.

  • International Homeless Animals’ Day: Make a Difference

    August 21 is International Homeless Animals’ Day. Here’s how you can help to transform dogs from homeless to happy and homeward bound.

  • Top 10 Questions for Your Dog’s Veterinarian

    Make the most out of your dog’s next veterinary visit by knowing the right questions to ask.

  • 7 Food Ingredients for Your Dog’s Health

    Some dog foods are now specially formulated to protect your dog against common health problems.

  • Protect Your Dog This Summer

    The “dog days of summer” is almost a misnomer, because dogs can succumb to weather-related problems. Here are do’s and don’ts for protecting your dog from summer’s heat.

  • How Dog Food Is Made and Tested

    From the initial recipe idea to the final product, learn how high-quality dog food is made and how it is then later tested by eager dog volunteers.

  • How Dogs React to Human Infants

    From sensing pregnancy to becoming jealous when baby arrives, dogs often have intense reactions to human infants. Here’s how to handle your growing family.

  • Summer Fun for Dogs

    If your dog loves to swim and has an adventurous spirit, competitive dock diving and jumping could be part of its summer fun.

  • Are Tick and Flea Control Products Safe?

    The EPA recently announced that it has developed stricter testing and evaluation requirements for flea and tick products for your dog. If the EPA is worried, should you be too?

  • Take Your Dog to Work

    Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25. Are you and your dog ready?

  • Famous Fathers and Their Dogs

    This father’s day, we look back at famous dads who adore dogs. Plus, find out what dads can learn from their dogs.

  • Prebiotics Support Your Dog’s Inner Strength

    Does your dog’s food contain prebiotics? Now available in both wet and dry dog food, prebiotics can have a positive effect on your dog’s health.

  • Dog Park Etiquette

    How are your dog park etiquette skills? Follow along with our experts to see how well you would deal with common dog park issues.

  • Dog Food Ingredients: The 4 Essential Groups

    Protein from meat is always a dog favorite. But can you guess what the other key ingredient groups are in quality natural dog foods?

  • New Treatments for Canine Cancer

    Cancer treatments for dogs are finally catching up with the array of treatments long available to people, and cancer is no longer the deadly diagnosis it once was.

  • Active Lives of Disabled Dogs

    In honor of National Disabled Pets Day, learn about physically challenged dogs that are beating the odds thanks to good care, technology and a positive spirit.

  • Stretching Techniques for Dogs

    Using their experience in physical therapy, yoga, zoology, training and dog showing, sisters Sasha and Ashley Foster show you how to safely and effectively stretch your dog to improve its fitness.

  • Why You Should Recycle Your Dog’s Waste

    Did you know that dog waste is actually recyclable? Transform your dog’s poop into a harmless, ground-absorbed liquid that might even help fertilize your garden.

  • Weight Control Dog Foods Evaluated

    A new study has found that weight control foods for dogs vary widely, both in calories and price. Learn what to look for and why “lite,” “light” and “low calorie” aren’t always what they seem.

  • Healthy Hiking With Your Dog

    Hiking with your dog can be one of spring’s most rewarding pleasures, as long as you take proper precautions.

  • Support Your Dog’s Dental Health

    Want to give your dog clean white teeth and fresh breath? Remember the three D’s: daily brushing, dentistry and diet.

  • Read Your Dog’s Body Language

    Bowing, tight lips, direct stares and circular tail wags all hold meaning in the dog world. What messages do these and other visual signals convey?

  • Dog Product Trends for 2010

    The pet industry’s largest trade show takes place later this month. We’ve got a sneak peek of some of this year’s hottest dog toys and other products.

  • The Future of Dog Spaying

    New research shows that female dogs that retain their ovaries live longer. Here’s what you should consider before spaying your dog.

  • Whet Your Dog’s Appetite With Wet Food

    The term “canned dog food” is all wet: Thanks to new flavors, additions and recipes, many manufacturers now prefer the phrase “wet dog food.” Which of the new products are best for your pet?

  • Westminster Dog Show Expert Shares Training Secrets

    A professional dog handler from this year’s 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show reveals his best dog grooming and training tips.

  • Dating Services for Dogs and Their Owners

    Need a matchmaker to find your perfect mate? The Right Breed, Must Love Pets, Date My Pet and other online dating services use the power of pets to bring people together.

  • Dog Breeds at Risk for Swallowing Nonfood Items

    Did you know that some dog breeds are more likely than others to swallow potentially dangerous nonfood items? Find out if your dog is at greater risk.

  • Is Your “Natural” Dog Food Truly Natural?

    Many dog foods claim to be “natural,” but some products merit that description more than others. This guide will help you find the right pet food for your dog.

  • The Moral Life of Dogs

    Dogs exhibit fairness, empathy, trust and other behaviors that we consider to be moral. But is there a moral gap between humans and canines?

  • Play Trivia, Feed Homeless Dogs

    Want to help feed hungry dogs? Start at your very own computer. Grade-schooler Mimi Ausland created, a program that combines fun-and-games trivia with serious charity work.

  • Signs of Illness in Your Dog

    What exactly does dog illness look like? These warning signs could signify potential health problems, and they can help you help your dog stay healthy.

  • Vitamins and Minerals Your Dog Needs

    Vitamins and minerals may be the key to helping your dog stay in optimal condition and starting the new year on a good health note.

  • A Holiday Party for Your Dog and Guests

    Holiday-themed dog parties used to be rare, but more owners are finding out how enjoyable such events can be. Our dog paw-ty expert shares her secrets.

  • Celebrate the Season While Helping Dogs in Need

    Most of us spend the holiday season shopping, cooking and socializing. But did you know these efforts could also help dogs in need?

  • Exercise With Your Dog to Prevent Obesity

    You and your dog both need physical activity to prevent obesity, so why not exercise together? Veterinarian Susan Nelson shares tips for the perfect owner-dog workout.

  • Give the Gift of Food and Supplies to Shelters

    'Tis the season for giving, so why not lend your holiday spirit to animal shelters in need of food, other supplies and your time?

  • Katrina Victim Finally Reunited With His Dog

    Four years after Hurricane Katrina hit, a New Orleans resident reunited with his dog, JJ -- but only after an arduous legal battle.

  • Prepare Your Dog for Holiday Boarding

    Planning a winter holiday vacation? These problem prevention tips will help you prepare your pup for boarding.

  • Selecting the Best Kibble for Your Dog

    The perfect crunchy kibble can do everything from promoting your dog's heart health to scrubbing your pet's teeth. Does the dry food you're buying match your dog's needs?

  • Miss Fido Manners’ Guide to Dog Holiday Etiquette

    Pet expert Charlotte Reed, aka Miss Fido Manners, shares all you need to know about proper do’s and don’ts for well-behaved dogs this coming holiday season.

  • Advantages of Adopting an Adult Dog

    Cute puppies may be hard to resist, but what about that older, wide-eyed dog staring at you from its shelter cage? Bringing home a new adult dog could be one of your best decisions yet.

  • Kennel Cough Treatment and Prevention

    Is your dog at risk for this noisy, lengthy and all-too-common dog ailment? It’s possible, as the name may be misleading.

  • Improve Your Dog’s Appearance With Good Nutrition

    Do you want your dog to have a shiny coat, sturdy nails, good posture and more? The key may be its diet.

  • Do Dogs Ever Feel Guilty?

    Dog owners are all too familiar with that "guilty look" your pup gives you. But what's really behind those sad puppy eyes?

  • Must-read Books for Every Dog Owner

    The great-granddaughter of Lassie creator Eric Knight asks canine experts to recommend their favorite books about our favorite subject: dogs.

  • Dog Arthritis Cure on the Horizon

    Concerned about arthritis in your dog? A new method for early detection of this debilitating disease in dogs could lead to a cure.

  • Feed Your Breed Right

    Breed- and size-specific foods help ensure that your dog will receive proper nutrition. Make the right food match by looking for your dog's breed in our feeding guide.

  • Love Dogs? Consider Becoming a Veterinary Technician

    Love dogs? Thinking about a career change? Consider becoming a veterinary technician. One woman shares what she's learned on the job.

  • Top 5 Dog Summer Health Concerns

    Summertime may not mean summer fun for your dog. Manage its health by watching out for these common health problems.

  • "Natural" Dog Food Explained

    Did you know that food control officials monitor use of the word "natural" on labels? Here's what to expect when buying natural dog food for your pet.

  • Vacation Safely With Your Dog

    Going on vacation doesn't have to mean boarding your dog. With these easy ideas, a pet-friendly trip can provide long-lasting memories.

  • Go Green for Your Dog's Health

    Are you living an eco-friendly lifestyle? The benefits of going green for you and your pet may surprise you.

  • Yoga for Dogs: A 'Doga' How-to Guide

    Downward-facing dog gains new meaning in yoga classes designed for canines and their owners. Gather good vibes, a mat and your best friend for our guide.

  • Support Your Puppy's Growth With Proper Nutrition

    Selecting the right food for your puppy can help to ensure years of good health, since this life stage is your dog's most formative. Look for these ingredients.

  • Your Puppy's Firsts

    Introducing your new puppy to parks, cars, dogs and other people is a big step. Make sure you have enough loving time, patience...and that you follow our experts' advice.

  • Dog Grooming Basics

    Turn your messy mutt into a pretty pooch with an easy at-home makeover that includes brushing, bathing, tooth cleaning, nail trimming and more.

  • Dog Park Safety

    Puppy playtime isn't always a walk in the dog park. One canine expert shares her story and warns about dog park dangers that can affect your pup and you.

  • New Hope for Canine Cancer

    A new drug treatment is giving hope to dogs with cancer. Could your dog be a candidate for this groundbreaking therapy?

  • Hidden Health Dangers of Dog Tail Chasing

    A surprising new study has linked high cholesterol to dogs with compulsive behaviors, like tail chasing. What's really to blame?

  • Software Matches Dogs With Humans

    Online dating service technology has finally gone to the dogs. Would-be owners now have an easy tool for finding their perfect canine.

  • Innovation Showcased at New Pet Hospital

    Elevators for four-leggers, a dental suite and a "kibble kitchen" with foods for ailing dogs are just a few of the many comforts awaiting patients at San Francisco's new Animal Care Center.

  • Is It a Good Batch or a Bad Batch?

    Ever wonder why your dog suddenly dislikes a meal it enjoyed last week? Here's what every owner should know about dog food recipes.

  • Dog Walking Mystery Solved

    How does your dog walk? Surprisingly, most of us, including experts, don't know. A new study sets the record straight.

  • The Pooch Wears Prada: Canine Fashion

    From Ralph Lauren to Juicy Couture, dog clothing is becoming more stylish and commonplace. But is the trend more about human-pleasing fashion than function?

  • How Dog Germs Spread

    A new study negates common myths about how germs might spread between dogs and humans and advises dog owners to frequently do this one thing.

  • Food Allergies Can Dog Canines Too

    Dogs have a reputation for gobbling up anything and everything in sight, but this annoyance could cause your pet to have allergic reactions to its food, environment or both.

  • The Health Clues in Your Dog's Behavior

    Think your dog has an attitude problem? The problem may actually lie in your pup's health, not its outward disposition.

  • Put Your Dog Food to the Test

    Is your dog getting all of the nutrition it should, along with quality, mouthwatering ingredients? The answer may surprise you.

  • A Tale of Two Species

    If bonding with your canine bud is a challenge, here are the best techniques on how to bridge the two species' gap.

  • Teens Teach Kids About Dog Training

    Dog training is kid's play, suggests a new book written by two high school sophomores. What can you learn from these young canine-savvy instructors?

  • Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

    Your forever fur-coated friend may look warm, but winter can turn a hot dog cold. Is your dog staying comfy cozy all winter long?

  • Automatic Dog Eyedrops in the Works

    Trying to place a medicinal drop into the eyes of a squirming dog patient can be next to impossible. Solution? Automatic dog eyedrops.

  • Sauce up Your Dog's Food and Life

    Dogs like a little gravy on their meals, just like you do on yours. But puppy seasonings and sauces are good for more than just adding flavor.

  • A Dog-centric Look Back at 2008

    Health habits, spending, food choices and more are always changing. Are you following the doggy trends?

  • Tis' the Season...for Dog Depression

    Dogs seem to experience mood swings during winter, but are they just mirroring our feelings? Get the facts and how to prevent dog depression.

  • Treat Training in Seven Steps

    Yes, you can teach an old -- or young -- dog new tricks. Just grab some dog biscuits and follow these easy tips.

  • Shelter Dog Adoption Process Explained

    Here's what you should know about adopting a shelter dog, including how to avoid common problems and ensure that your pet properly adjusts to its new home.

  • Twelve Days of Dog Holiday Gifting

    What's better than one day of holiday gifting? Twelve! Here are a dozen of new, innovative toys and products you can proudly present to your deserving dog.

  • Seven Indicators of Dog Food Quality

    Is the dog food you're buying helping or hurting your pup? The answer may lie in you pup's appearance.

  • Dog Training Can Be Fun and Games

    Why work when you don't have to? Renowned British dog trainer Kay Laurence advocates the use of games and play as a means to train dogs and strengthen our bonds with them.

  • Why All Proteins Aren't the Same

    Your mother used to advise you to get your nutrients, and now your pup needs similar guidance. Discover the importance of protein in your dog's diet, and why some types are healthier than others.

  • Dog Cancer Survivors

    Discover how new medicines, surgical techniques and therapies are allowing dogs diagnosed with cancer to live much longer, happier lives.

  • Support Your Puppy's Growth

    What and how you feed your puppy can make all of the difference in your pet's life now and even later as it graduates to adult dog food. Here's what the perfect puppy chow should contain, along with tips on making the most of your pup's mealtime.

  • New Surgery Repairs Dog Knees

    Joint issues affect many dogs, but now a new surgical technique, used on human ankles, is working wonders on doggie knees. See if this minimally invasive surgery could help your pet.

  • Can Dog Food Protect Your Pet?

    As evidenced by your food-gulping dog, many pet foods are not only tasty but could help determine Rover's future health.

  • Doggone DNA

    A number of factors influence whether or not your dog could suffer from a disorder or disease. Your pet's breed is one such determinant. Here's what to watch out for, along with tips on keeping your canine in top dog shape.

  • Dog Summer Bummer Diseases

    Memories of summertime outings with your dog could soon sour if a debilitating and possibly life-threatening disease enters the picture.

  • How to Throw a Pooch Party

    From barkbeques to birthdog parties, canine-centric celebrations are all the rage. Here's how to plan, what to serve, and most important, the best way to enjoy a fun-filled fiesta.

  • Help Your Dog Beat Summer's Heat

    While summertime is perfect for long walks and games of fetch, elevated temperatures make it imperative to keep your canine cool and comfy for its health.

  • Veterinarians Inspire New Dog Foods

    Advances in health care and pet food manufacturing intersect in new dog foods that satisfy, satiate and address canine health concerns.

  • Hotel Chains Open Their Doors to Dogs

    Good news for globe-trotting owners and their dogs: America's largest hotel chains are now allowing and catering to canine clientele.

  • Dog Blood Banks Save Canine Lives

    Human medical techniques and treatments are going to the dogs, especially where canine blood banks are concerned. Now, both you and man's best friend can help other dogs in need.

  • Doggy Dinners Deconstructed

    When and where you feed Fido can be almost as important as what you feed it. Our expert weighs in on the best methods, bowls, placements, timing and more.

  • How to Save on Veterinarian Bills

    Americans spend $670 annually on canine veterinary visits. But with 10 easy preventative measures, you can save some cash and a trip to the doggie doctor.

  • Pop Quiz: Is Your Dog Eating Properly?

    Are you feeding your dog the right kind of food? Keep your canine fit and svelte with expert chow advice from veterinarian Trisha Joyce.

  • Anger Management for Your Dog

    Sometimes your pooch may growl or act unusually aggressive, but don't despair. It's not anger management class that your dog needs, but a reminder of who's the boss.

  • Lassie Come Home with High Tech?

    From global positioning systems to new microchips, technology promises an end to lost dog posters. But how well do these high-tech devices really deliver? Here, we weigh the pros and cons of each, and help determine which one is best for your pup's personality.

  • Dogs that Overdo It

    Canines, like humans, can suffer injuries related to sports and other physical activities. Weekend athletes, couch potatoes, chubby pooches and others are at special risk. Find out what the risk factors and what to do when your friend overextends.

  • Do French Dogs Get Fat?

    A popular book claims French Women Don't Get Fat, but what about their dogs and the dogs of other cultures outside of the U.S.? Learn if feeding habits differ country by country, and if vive la difference holds true for pooches as well as people.

  • Canine Heart Disease: A Silent Killer

    Like you, your dog may also develop problems as well. Not surprisingly, early diagnosis and proper treatments can make all the difference between life and death for your pet.



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