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Name: Angel

Age: 4 1/2 Years


Owner: Betty Read

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Likes: to go shopping, riding in her stroller

Dislikes: being ingnored..."it is all about her" :)

Betty Read says:

Angel is a lil'diva girl, she loves to go shopping, dressing up and posing for a photo oppurtunity chance. Riding in her stroller or even a ride on our Harley Davidson (wearing her pink goggles w/her ears flapping in the wind). She loves going to the doggie'spa, where is gets her nails manicured and polished, followed by a fluffing of her coat and a perfuming. She has given me so much love and joy...I want only to assure her of the wonderful life that she deserves. She is my Angel here on earth and I love her.

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