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Riley Edward Senetar

Name: Riley Edward Senetar

Age: Unknown (he was a stray at the Humane Society), but we think he's about 9 years old. He's very young at heart!

Breed: Shitzu

Owner: The Senetar Family

Hometown: Zionsville, IN

Likes: Chew bones, snuggles, ear rubs and scrambled eggs

Dislikes: Baths and hot weather

The Senetar Family says:

Riley joined our family 6 months to the day after we lost our 10 year companion, Nicky, to cancer. We adopted both Riley and Nicky from the Humane Society. Riley is now a true member of our family. He has lost both of his eyes, but he has adapted quite well. He likes to sleep in, but he gets up with the family for breakfast. After breakfast (which he refuses to eat unless it's scrambled eggs), he takes another nap. He's more active in the afternoon. He loves long snuggles on the couch and is always a vicious watchdog. He is also very good with kids (when his little cousins visit). He is a very trusting and calm dog, no matter the situation. Even though Riley has had his share of health challenges, he is absolutely perfect to us just the way he is! Riley never lets his blindness hinder his personality! He is truly a blessing!

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