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Reese Roo

Name: Reese Roo

Age: 3 years

Breed: Chihuahua

Owner: Michelle and Yasmin

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Likes: carrots, cheese, walks, and stuff animals

Dislikes: the dishwasher, when people watch TV and not her.

Michelle and Yasmin says:

My best friends daughter & family came to visit Thanksgiving week with a litter of pups; three tan & one black/brown. My daughter had been asking Santa for a puppy. Well my friends dad came out with a check, said Merry Christmas to my girl and bought us a pup from his grand daughter!  Reese is my first small dog! And she has been a blessing! Never yaps, shakes, nips...she thinks she is a big dog. Except she sleeps next to my head and shares my pillow! For attention she will steal clothing from my daughter and run off. She likes to eat toilet paper and loves catching toys in the air! It will be three years next week since we brought her home!

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