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Name: Grace

Age: 4 years old

Breed: German Shepard Mix

Owner: Christi Brown

Hometown: Russellville, KY

Likes: Belly Rubs.

Dislikes: People with bad character

Christi Brown says:

Grace has been my baby since she was 4 weeks old. There was a time in my life a year ago when I had to find her a new home and she went to live with a young family that had a 1-year-old daughter. One day the mom and daughter were home alone and Grace was laying outside hidden under the porch when two young men decided to hop the fence carrying crowbars and was going to try to break in the house. Grace quietly waited for them to come close before she darted out and chased the two young men off the property. The mom had watched this happen and when Grace ran back, she let Grace in where Grace guarded the door until the police arrived. My baby girl was a hero. Fortunately for me, Grace came back to me 4 months later when the mom found out she was pregnant and I was in a better position to take her back. As you can see in the picture, Grace is spoiled rotten, but the best dog there is.

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